Oscar you are three months old

I can't believe we are here. Finally you are three months old. I never thought I'd be wishing bits of your life away but three months brings a major milestone – we can use vapour…we can use medicine. My goodness little man you have had a rough start in life. I mean you are absolutely fine – you are happy and smiley but you still have a cough. It has been so many weeks that I've lost count.

There have been two hospital visits (the second was after we went to get you weighed and the health visitor said to go to the doctors who said to go to the hospital where I waited for 3 hours to be told after 5 minutes that you were fine), three doctors trips and the constant pain of having to just sit and watch you cough mucus out of your mouth. And finally we can help you out. We can try and reduce the amount of mucus by trying to clear it through. We can give you medicine if we think you are suffering too much. I mean I hope the damn thing just disappears soon but right now it is still well and truly here. I just want it gone.  


Otherwise you are just fantastic. You are still growing, albeit a little slower than you would have been because of this cough. You were 12.3 a couple of weeks ago and I need to take you again as the health visitors want to check that you are doing OK.  

You are such a smiley little thing and it's just gorgeous. When you roll your eyes up to the side and give a smile, you look like such a flirt. It is heart melting. We are also getting little laughs. It's that little noise that isn't quite a smile but isn't yet a proper giggle. You are working at it though! 


You have really found your voice and you love gurgling away and saying aaaah in your little soft voice. It's just adorable and often makes Zach giggle loads. 

You are starting to become interested in things – mainly your Lamaze toys! You have the big octopus with the noisy feet and he is totes your second best friend (Zach is obviously your bestest). You love talking to him, staring at him intently and telling him exactly what you think. You also love the pirate that Zach bought you when you were born! 


You have started gripping really well and can hold a rattle or toy for a few seconds. With all of this interest, I've decided to sign you up for baby sensory in the new year. I'm just waiting for the class leader to call me and sort out your space. I hope you love it as much as your brother did. 

I've started to regularly dress you in proper clothes now and you look like such a little dude. I love seeing you in all the stuff your brother used to wear.


You are still in your 0-3's right now but are growing out of those quite quickly. You wore a 3-6 month this week which I didn't realise until I put it on and it fit you! 

You still won't take a dummy which means you are still regularly using me as your sleep aid! Right now I am writing this and you are attached to my boob, regularly slipping off and immediately panicking to find it again! I've never wanted a baby to take a dummy so much just to give me a bit of a break when all you what to do is go to sleep! You just heave on it though, even the tiny ones for 0-2 month olds! 

December has been a busy month. You've met Santa, been to the theatre to see The Cat In The Hat and this weekend are having a sleepover with is at our friends for our yearly Christmas get together.


It's also now just over a week away until your first Christmas. I won't lie, I'm struggling with what to get you because we still have so much of Zach's baby stuff! I'm going to go on a mission to get you your own stuff though but I won't go overboard! 

Well I think that's it for this month! I wonder what month four will bring us. I can't wait to find out!

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox

    Bless him, he has really had a difficult time of it hasn't he? I do hope he is better soon. It must be a relief to be able to use medicines for him, I hope it helps. 


    Plutonium Sox recently posted…Thursday Photo #136My Profile

    December 15, 2016 at 9:57 pm
  • Reply RachelSwirl

    I also found E's first christmas quite hard with what to buy her as she had all the previous baby stuff. 

    December 18, 2016 at 12:32 am
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