Oscar you are 6 months old


Six months – your biggest milestone to date!

Seriously boy, slow down!


Your five month update had a few developments coming along and I am pleased to say that you have been they have been coming in leaps and bounds!

You can roll!
Yep – you have been working at it for weeks and you can finally do it. You can roll from back to front and also from front to back. You don't manage it every time, still strengthening that body by practising the movement and working out what the heck to do with that arm that sometimes gets stuck. But it's safe to say that we have a roller and so it is no longer safe to leave you unaided! You actually started off doing it at night and when I woke one morning to find you sleeping on your front, I knew that it was beginning. Then when you were laying on your big playmat last weekend, you did the first one that you have done on the floor. You love flipping yourself about now so keep practising and you'll be getting everywhere very soon! 

You can sit! 
Gosh you have been a busy boy learning all of these tricks! You have been sitting for about 3 weeks or so now and you are very proud of yourself indeed and were busy showing your new skill off in Baby Sensory where you really did it for the first time. I cannot leave you, you are still a little wobbly and getting that strength in your back, but you are definitely sitting up. I forgot how much easier it becomes once I can sit on the floor and not constantly have to hold you upright! 

You are about to start weaning
Yes, it is time. You have had a bit of baby porridge and you have had some puree but you weren't overly bothered by them. This week, we will be starting you on your baby led weaning journey and first thing on the menu is toast. We shall see how you get on with that one! 

Your tummy time is awesome!
How strong you have got little one, in holding that head of yours up – arms straight, legs a kicking, practising those movements that will get you ready for crawling! 

You are gaining weight brilliantly
You took a bit of a dip when you were ill for so many weeks but you have been gaining more over the last few weeks which has seen a leap on your chart. You were last weighed on Friday and you were 15lbs 7oz. 

You are a little swimmer!
Yep, you have been swimming twice now, two weeks on the trot, and you absolutely love it. Not only do you love being in the pool, you also love the shower at the end, with the water streaming over your face, while meanwhile, your brother is screaming his head off because he doesn't want his face to get wet! But yes, in that pool, you are there on your front, kicking your little legs and taking in everything around you. 

You have TWO teeth! 
Oh yes, that first little toothy peg that sprung through when you turned five months has been joined by it's little friend right next door to it. Two beautiful little teeth are sparkling their way through and getting bigger by the day. I think more are on their way, you are definitely suffering a bit again and finding real relief in the teething gel, but I can't see which one is next. I don't remember your brother suffering like you are and it makes me sad when you are screaming in pain. 

You have found your voice
OK, so you were very chatty in your last update, however you were still relatively quiet, softly spoken! Now? You scream! You scream when you are unhappy (it's blood curdling) and you scream when you are happy (it's an exciteable one!). And when you chat, you are a lot louder than you were! Maybe it's you getting practice for when you want us to hear you over your very noisy brother! Or maybe you think he's funny when he's loud and you want to be just like him! 

You are improving at sleep
Kind of! I take you up to bed each night and sometimes you stay there! Sometimes I manage to eat my dinner and blog or watch tv. Sometimes you wake and the boob settles you back down and sometimes you simply won't have it and end up back downstairs on me! A lot of the time now though, you don't require constant boob and a sleeping cuddle will do just fine!

Of course, you are still sleeping in our bed…one thing at a time!! 

And that my darling boy, is your six month update! 

Happy half birthday!! 

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  • Reply RachelSwirl

    Wow he is coming on leaps and bounds, gosh he is growing up sooo fast!

    March 20, 2017 at 11:16 am
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