Baby CPR saved my life – would you know what to do?

When I was a baby, someone saved my life.

I was just a few months old and fast asleep in my pram.  My mum was bathing my sister whilst I slept. Of course, I had to be a pain and wake up screaming. Whilst my mum quickly got my sister out of the bath, I screamed and screamed and screamed. So much that I must have choked on my own scream/saliva and stopped breathing.

Yep that's right – in the words of my mum (as printed by two local newspapers), I was blue like a rag doll and not breathing. Mum phoned dad (who worked about 2 minutes up the road) in a panic and he and a colleague raced round while an ambulance was called. He raced through the red lights, and got there faster than any other person probably could have.

The man he was with knew how to do CPR and he immediately started work on me. That man, the one who didn't usually work in that office – he saved my life. It's down to him that my mum and dad remained parents of two and it's down to him that my sister still had a little sibling to annoy her throughout her childhood. 

He knew what to do and he did it. But I wonder how many of us would be able to do the same. How many of us would be able to save a baby or child in an emergency situation like this and how many of us know the correct techniques to use. Do I? No. And I'm not alone. Only 1 in 4 parents would no what to do in the minutes after a baby has stopped breathing. 


That's why St John's Ambulance had been working hard to produce an informative and memorable campaign to help parents learn and remember to perform CPR.

Please do watch, learn, remember and share this short video. It could be you saving a little life next.

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