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A swimming trip for a family of four

We have been pretty lax in the swimming department. I am not the biggest fan of getting in the pool so it's never top of the list on my agenda and we always find other stuff to do on the weekends. Zach however, has spent the last couple of weeks asking to go and so this weekend we did just that – on a very wet Sunday morning – not the best day to start but hey ho.

We packed the bags full of towels and spare clothes and left the house looking like we were going away for a few days! The pool is only a five minute drive from our house so we were there in no time at all and once we'd registered ourselves onto the new system (and caused a queue!), into the changing rooms we went and then through to the pool. 

Now, I wasn't sure what to expect from Oscar, it being his first ever time but I had a feeling that Zach would go into meltdown because the pool isn't the warmest and because he always freaks out a bit when it's the first time in an age. And I was right…he did. Firstly refusing to go in, and then crying when daddy took him round to the main pool to get him properly immersed (and therefore warm up a bit). It's always been the same. When we took him as a toddler, we had to use a dunmy to keep him calm until he'd realised that he likes it and then we'd sneak the dummy away. Of course, now he is four we just had to rely on him calming down himself. Which did thankfully happen when he found a friend from his nursery who was confidently jumping around and splashing. Finally Zach stopped clinging onto daddy and started to have fun. 

Now I am going to digress here for just a moment at the mention of him seeing his nursery friend who was there with his dad. How blooming awkward does it feel when you bump into people you know in a swimming pool? Especially the dad of one of your son's friends? Normally someone I simply say hi to in passing at the drop off and suddenly we are chatting about our boys, schools, maternity leave, all whilst wearing a swimsuit! Totes awks!

Anyway, back onto the main post.

I mentioned above that I wasn't sure how Oscar would take to the pool. He likes a warm bath, does not appreciate it if it's lukewarm (takes after his mother), and so I expected tears of unhapiness at being plunged in a not particularly warm pool. 

I couldn't have been more wrong though as he absolutely loved it. He loved bouncing up and down in the water, he loved 'swimming' on his front, he loved just being in the water. He was less keen when I put him on his back but you know, we can work on that. I was so chuffed that he didn't scream because unlike Zach, Oscar doesn't have a dummy and would have needed boob to calm him down.

After a while we decided that Oscar had had long enough in the pool and was probably cold so it was time to get out (much to Zach's dismay now he was enjoying himself) and we hit the showers where once again he happily let the water fall over his face (whilst his big brother freaked out!). We were a tad worried as his arms had gone a bit purple* so I spent ages warming him up and sent him off with the other half to get dressed while I showered myself and my wailing eldest child!

Once we then hit the changing rooms, I got myself dry and dressed, got Zach dry and dressed and fed them both. Zach a banana and Oscar some boob which sent him straight to sleep. I then quickly dried my hair and off we headed to the car to go home.

Now here is the biggy. Oscar, the boy who tends to nap for about 30-40 minutes, slept, and slept and slept! He stayed asleep for just over two hours which has not happened since he was a newborn. It was amazing. If only we could do it every day!

And so there we have our first swimming trip as a family of four. We are now going to make it a regular thing and hopefully the more we do it, the less time it'll take us to do the faffy bits at the end. 35 minutes in the pool, an hour getting us all ready!!    

*I checked google when we got home and it apparently very common for babies lower arms to go a bit purple

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  • Reply Amy @ Arty apple

    We always vow to do this and somehow only do it on our annual winter holiday to Center Parcs. The kids do lessons now but are desperate for us to all go some time too. You've spurred me on to do it BUT I totally feel your pain with bumping into people you vaguely know while you are semi naked. Jeez what is with that timing! It's happened to us befoere too, ha x

    March 14, 2017 at 7:24 am
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