Updating a hallway with coat storage

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We have a tendency to coat dump. To jumper dump. To cardigan dump. Ours…the boys. We dump them!

Our main problem is that we don't really have a 'home' for them. We have a couple of hooks under the stairs that we do manage to put most of the main big coats on, but we have nothing downstairs to hang our smaller items on and so they end up on the backs of chairs, over the bannister and slewn down the hallway.

Why don't you hang them upstairs in the wardrobes I hear you ask.

Well, when you are trying to get out of the house with two young children, it is far easier to have a couple of cardi's and jackets downstairs than upstairs. When your six month old is happy in his car seat but you know that if you leave his line of sight, he'll go into meltdown, the last thing you want to have to do is run upstairs to rifle through his drawer to find his hoodie! And when you have just managed to get both children in the car and realise you've come out without a jacket – again, you don't want to have to go back in, up the stairs and rifle around, losing precious moments of getting that car moving which could result in a meltdown (you've read about my bad traveller right?!).

Equally, we are both utterly fed up with having to move these things around the house. Moving them from the dining table in order to eat dinner, or from the computer chair so that the other half can sit on it at the computer. They are just causing clutter and making our downstairs look messy. 

And so, we have been thinking about getting ourselves some kind of coat rack. In an ideal world, what we would really love is a coat rack storage bench but unfortunately our hallway is too narrow to have one. Well, it's only narrow because we have to get a pram through it, otherwise we'd have enough space and would be able to have something like the below.

Credit: Amazon

The other half keeps telling me that once Oscar is grown out of needing a pushchair, I can have one, but that is some time away since he is only six months old – so for now we will have to stick with something simpler that is attached to the wall. I have therefore been busy scouring the pages of Lionshome who have a fantastic selection to choose from.

I'd really quite like one with a shelf attached to it and since I am a sucker for a bit of shabby chic, either of these two would be an absolute dream for me! 

Photo source – Amazon

Photo source – Amazon

I think the other half would quite like something like that as well so I probably don't have to do too much arm bending in order to get one.

I do however know that when we were sitting over in the pub garden last weekend while Zach was busy having a bounce on the bouncy castle, I was having a browse through what we could get and he spotted a stag head one that he took quite a liking to. I mean, they are nice, but they may just be a bit too manly for my hallway!!

Photo source – Wayfair

Whatever we do decide, it needs to be done quickly. He informed me the other day that I just needed to ruddy well choose one so that we can tidy up our front room and hallway – just in time for the season when actually, we won't need quite so many coats and hoodies on a daily basis! At least it'll be there and ready for them to come back out in the Autumn! I'd better get ordering!

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