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This week we meet the lovely Jade from A Positive Parent. Thanks so much for taking part Jade 🙂

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family
My name is Jade Gandey and I am a mother to a 4 year old called Silver, we are English but live in Ibiza. I have definitely experienced many challenges living in another country but they have made me strong and resourceful. Spending much of my daughters life as a single mum has been an incredible lesson in self sufficiency and perseverance.  

What do you like doing to be you, when you are not parenting, working (if you do), or blogging?
We recently moved in with my boyfriend Pete and have just planted an organic vegetable patch, we are creating a life we do not need to holiday from. This means working or studying every minute I am not with my daughter, often awake at the crack of dawn to get the most of my days but at weekends we are just a short drive from some of Europe's most beautiful beaches so it's all very worth while.

What is your biggest achievement to date?
My biggest achievement to date is maintaining a successful social media marketing business whilst being a mum. I have done some serious juggling to be a professional whilst raising a child but I love my work so it has been worth it. I really believe if you are a mum who works you should really love what you do as it is hard to be away from our kids at the best of times. Living in Ibiza means that many people would love to come and be your au pair to help out a busy times and during my toughest times I was always grateful for au pairs who would come and live with a single mum. 

From your own experiences, what do you find the hardest part of parenting and what is the easiest/most rewarding part?
The hardest part of being a mum is that constant voice telling us we are getting it wrong. Stilling that voice is a huge relief and the ongoing study of positive phycology has really helped that.  

Parenting in itself is no mean feat; how do you juggle everything you need to in order to get everything done on a daily basis?
It's a real challenge but I get up early – ideally at 6am and often work for an hour or two after my daughter has gone to bed to ensure I get everything done! I also do swaps with fellow mums so we each get afternoons to work and that really helps!

Why did you decide to start blogging?
I started writing the idea down for the blog last year but something was holding me back, then I went on a personal development course in London where we did a lot of work on purpose and I realised that I love researching and sharing information that helped people lead a better life so finally I launched the blog 2 months ago!

Tell me a bit about your blog?
I am very interested in Positive Psychology and the more I study the more I realised I wanted to integrate that way of thinking into my parenting style. Then friends would always ask me about what I was doing and I would explain about the research I was reading and I realised that I needed to get it all down so I could share what I was finding with my friends and other parents.

What do you want your blog to achieve and where do you hope to see it go as it grows?
I would love my blog to help parents understand about Positive Psychology, the language we use with our children, the growth mindset we can give them, the tools we can give them to get a head in life. If I could support parents to be able to handle the huge array of emotions are kids go through, if I could direct parents to make positive choices to control their own emotions and to bring people happier home lives that would be incredible. I want to inspire parents and I want the to feel confident and happy so that their kids also feel this way. I am firm believer that if the parents are happy embracing the role of parents then their kids will be happy too. (By the way, really important to say the pursuit of happiness really must include all the negative emotions too – we are all human and recognising that is vital)

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a blog?
Just get started, there are so many parent bloggers out there sharing great advice and tips so the best way to learn is join the community and give it ago, learn as you go. That is what I am doing.

If you could have dinner with three people (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

1. Stephen Fry

2. David Attenborough

3. Gal Stigtz

I am always inspired by people who are confident in their intelligence. I suffered from learning disabilities similar to dyslexia as a child and always felt stupid so never asked enough questions or thought I could join those kind of conversations, but now I know more about active listening I think I could really enjoy a dinner with people like this and I bet they all have some amazing stories.

Tell me three random facts about you

1. I am mostly tea total

2. I love knitted items of food (google knitted food!)

3. I desperately want to see the Northern Lights.

Along with her blog, you can find Jade over on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

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    Thank you for the interview! 

    April 5, 2017 at 10:45 am
  • Reply Carol Cameleon

    Loved reading about you! Using empoering language is so very important! 

    April 5, 2017 at 2:25 pm
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