Mummascribbles meets…Squats, Sass and Saggy Skin

This week we meet the fab Anna from Squats, Sass and Saggy Skin. Thanks so much for taking part Anna 🙂

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your family
Hi! I'm Anna 🙂 I am originally from Hull but now live in Northern Ireland with my husband Jamie and two BEAUT boys Noah (6) and Dougie (2)

What do you like doing to be you, when you are not parenting, working (if you do), or blogging?
In the very little 'me' timeI get… I am a fitness addict! I love spinning, love lifting weights, love kettlebells and I also play netball. I see it as therapy; It helps to clear my mind and relieve stress! 

What is your biggest achievement to date?
As cheesy as it sounds I honestly feel my two incredible children and my successfull marriage are my biggest achievements! However… On the work front. In 2015 I set up female only fitness sessions in Hull with professional childcare provided. They were the first of their kind and I was able to help new mums find themselves again without the stress and logistics of babysitters. I am super proud of the work we did and the local council even took on the idea to continue after I relocated.

From your own experiences, what do you find the hardest part of parenting and what is the easiest/most rewarding part?
Time Management is by far the toughest part of parenting for me! I work full time as does my husband and we find it's a constant juggling act to fit everything in! And the guilt that comes along with that! Did the boys get enough attention? Do they do enough activities? Why are there no clean socks? Do we have any couple time? When was the last time I washed my hair? 

My favourite part of parenting is just watching the people my boys are turning into! They're incredible! Noah has the kindest soul, he is goofy and geeky and so so smart! He suprises me every day with his wit! Dougie is… let's say spirited!! He is confident and independent and I love how determined and passionate he is, he is so polite! One of my favourite things about them is how much they adore each other! 

Parenting in itself is no mean feat; how do you juggle everything you need to in order to get everything done on a daily basis?
I am VERY lucky to have an amazing and supportive husband, we are a fabulous team and somehow it just works! I also have a fabulous Mother in Law, who the boys absolutely adore. She has the boys one day a week and is always on hand for a sneaky datenight! 

Why did you decide to start blogging?
I want to help other mums to use fitness to improve their lives like I have. I have experienced what it's like to lose yourself through motherhood and I think it's important that women all stick together to help each other to be the best we can be! 

Tell me a bit about your blog?
My blog is very new, just started a couple of weeks ago. I am a qualified fitness and group exercise instructor with a degree in health science and specialise in pre and post natal exercise. Squats Sass and Saggy Skin is about all aspects of mummy health, not just fitness and diet but mental wellbeing and social health.

What do you want your blog to achieve and where do you hope to see it go as it grows?
I have NO idea where the blog will go, or what I want from it. But I am enjoying writing it and hearing from fellow bloggers and new mums so I am excited to see what happens!! 

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about starting a blog?
Just do it!! I am hummed and ha'ed about it for a long long time now I've commited I am loving it!!

If you could have dinner with three people (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Beyonce! Just because I love her! (And she's a strong, successful, confident female with a great bum!)

And my three best friends Sash, Shem and Mand. As they live in Hull and I don't get to see them as often as I'd like! 

(I know that's 4… but you can't ditch Beyonce!?)

Tell me three random facts about you

1. I got married in Vegas on 11.11.2011

2. My hair is blonde but I've dyed it dark for the last 12years!! 

3. I get really bad anxiety if I eat too much sugar! 

Along with her blog, you can also find Anna over on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


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  • Reply Anna

    Thank you 🙂 

    March 6, 2017 at 8:21 pm
  • Reply Steve M @ HomeGymStuff

    I'm a big proponent of women lifiting weights so it's really exicting to read about how working moms can get childcare at the gym. Great job!

    March 7, 2017 at 3:08 pm
  • Reply Kelly

    Great post. I think having professional child care available is a fantastic idea. It should be available all over the world. 

    March 10, 2017 at 4:03 am
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