Holidaying with dogs

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Every other year since Zach was born, we have gone away with the other half’s family. It is always hectic and chaotic but wonderful, and Zach has always had such a brilliant time spending a week with his cousins. In 2013 we went to York, 2015 was Norfolk and this year we are off to Bournemouth. There is always a guaranteed amount of us – six adults and now five children and sometimes we are joined by his Mum’s sister and her family. There is always a house full of people chatting, laughing and having fun, and then roaming around amongst us all is Patch the dog!

Patch is a Staffie and is one of the soppiest dogs that I know (along with my sister’s German Shepherd!). She is a great little traveller and has a fab time with us, going for gorgeous country walks every day or if we can manage to find a dog friendly beach, she loves a run on the sand!

We would very much love our own dog one day but one of the many questions we have to ask ourselves when entering into such a commitment is the effect it would have on holidays. Right now, we pack up the car, ask our next door neighbour to feed the rabbit and we are off. We have always been to dog friendly places like Cornwall and Eurocamp but if we ever go anywhere further afield then suddenly you need kennels (which I don’t think either of us are keen on), a dog sitter or family!

Dogs are such a tie but equally such wonderful friends. My mum has two shih-tzu’s and they certainly haven’t stopped her from holidaying – over the last couple of years she has been to the U.S., Canada and this year she is off to Australia. She has found herself a really great dog sitter and knows the two of them are in good hands.

Both myself and the other half grew up with dogs and I know we would like our boys to be able to have that same relationship that we got to have. A dog has always been off of the cards because of work but I know that if I somehow manage to stay at home with our boys, there is the possibility that we could end up introducing one into our family at some stage. It is but a dream for now and the reality would take some serious consideration before we actually tied ourselves into having one. Fingers crossed in the future though, we'll be holidaying with a dog of our own, running through those country fields with his or her best friends! 

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