Making improvements to our kitchen

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When we were in the process of buying our house, we knew that we had to buy one that didn't need any work doing to it. A lick of paint here and there would be fine but due to all of our savings going onto the deposit and the expense of a mortgage that was a good few hundred pounds more a month than our rent was, we had no spare funds to do anything else.

Where others may have looked around with a view of renovating and being able to put their own stamp on it, the biggest things on our wish list was that we could move in with no hassle and that the bathroom and kitchen were of a standard that we would not need to change. We found our house, it had been renovated only a couple of years earlier and it was 100% ready to just move into.

Fast forward to now and we have been living in our house for almost three years, which means that everything that was done to it is around 5-6 years old. The majority of stuff is absolutely fine but there are a couple of things that I would like to upgrade, including the area around the sink and the kitchen taps. In fact, this little area is really starting to annoy me. The draining board is full of limescale that doesn't seem to want to be removed and the taps are a little rickety and well, just a little old fashioned really. They are certainly not what I would have picked if I'd had the choice. 

And so when I start thinking about what I really would like, I secretly start having a little look around without mentioning anything to the other half – although of course he will read this, come home and say, "Oh, new kitchen taps you want now", just like the other day when I'd written about wanting a dog!! 

Maybe I can tempt him with some fancy taps from Superbath though because I am loving the Grohe range that they sell. I always like things a little different, something that looks a bit more eyecatching and have the wow factor. The other half always likes functionality and some of these taps have extra things that they do, like a pull out spout to make rinsing things even easier!


Or if we had to go for a slightly cheaper option then I really like the look of this one. Not quite so grand in the functionality aspects but eye pleasing for me!


I do hope that we get around to making this update to our kitchen one day soon. Although the other half keeps talking about an extension so if he's got that in his plans, a whole new kitchen would be on the cards and personally, I'd rather move!

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