The one job that we never get around to doing!

This is a collaborative post

Tell me, are we the only ones that are forever needing to go to the dump? 

When I look in the back garden, there are things waiting to be got rid of.

When I look in the front garden…the same! 

When we first moved into our house over two and a half years ago, the back garden was an overgrown mess and it was the first thing that we sorted out after unpacking the boxes.

At the very back of the garden there was a ton of mess inside what we think is the base of a pond. Either that or the previous owners bathed in a weird black tub outdoors!

The 'tub' was full of random bits of rotting wood, a couple of buckets, a broken broom…you get the gist. There was also a frog living within it. It was all absolutely disgusting and we did not want to touch it – so we didn't until very recently. I say we of course, I obviously mean the other half. One day he was busy in the back garden whilst I was busy entertaining Zach and when he called me out there, he'd moved it all – either into black bags which had made their way up to the patio or hidden from visiblity between the shed and the fence. 

The same happened to the cruddy old glass table and chairs that had been left by the previous owners and we now also have some lovely broken down cupboards by our front wall – nicely discreet from the other side but that we can see every time we leave the house! 

And the same happened again with the random wooded section that seemed to be some kind of seating area/covering for the outside pipes! When we moved in it was half torn apart and rotting and one day I was called into the garden to find the other half had ripped it all up, and guess what? The wood is still in bags in the garden! 

Every now and then we say, oh we must take that stuff to the dump – only it's not the right weather, or it's all so wet and muddy that it'll be too dirty a job. Or if we do remember, then the dump is closed (this happened to us mid-week once). I'm always saying that I'll ask my sister to come and help us as she has a bigger car than us and doesn't have to faff with moving all the car seats around but I never quite get around to it – especially as these days she is just so busy! Evidently though, we need help with our rubbish clearance because we just don't ever seem to get around to doing it ourselves! Life is just so busy isn't it? And full of things that take priority as the weeks go on!

What jobs are you always putting off?

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  • Reply RachelSwirl

    oh god there are endless jobs we put off mainly DIY stuff…

    January 29, 2017 at 10:39 pm
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