Updating a television system

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We've been together for six and a half years now. Our television came from the other half who had it when he lived with his mates back in the day, so it's probably around 9 years old. I'm pretty sure he even got it as part of a mobile phone deal – you know the ones, buy this contract and we'll give you a free TV. It's a decent enough television, it's not particularly big but is pretty heavy which means that we haven't been brave enough to hang it on the wall.

We have the perfect wall for a television and in fact when we came for the house viewing, the previous owner had his huge TV on the same wall. But because it was a brand new slimline one, it wasn't an issue. 

Ever since we moved in we have really wanted to update our television in order to get it off of the coffee table and onto the wall to create even more space in our front room (we are all about creating more space now we've got two children!), and less places to stack mess on!

Updating a television

Every time we visit any kind of electrical shop, we are browsing round the tv's ooohing and ahhing at the latest televisions. Cooing over the large curved ones with Smart technology or the ones that allow you to play 3D Blu Ray DVD'S whilst kicking your shoes off with popcorn and dark glasses! Looking at the super thin ones that can easily hang on the wall and thinking about whether to get additional surround sound speakers! 

Of course all of these things come with a price and so for us we'd need to be sensible. I know the other half is always tempted to buy the best available but it's all about getting that guage between what we want and what we need. And all we really need is one that can be attached to the wall without the fear of the wall coming collapsing down on us! 

I'm sure in time we will manage to update our television, I know it would mean a big improvement to our front room and it would be a step closer to us having it looking just as we want it!

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