Conquering the dry at night stage

Zach has been dry in the day since he was three. Just before his third birthday he decided that he no longer wanted to be a boy in nappies and took to toilet training like a duck to water. We had tried him about six months earlier but he clearly hadn't been ready and I am a clear believer in waiting until they are ready. I don't see the point in forcing them to do something that could potentially then just revert itself. Waiting until he decided that he wanted to use the toilet was best decision for us and I'll be doing exactly the same with Oscar. 

Despite this fabulous turn of events happening a really long time ago now, he has still been wet at night. And when I say wet, I mean really wet. There were times that he would wake up and his pull up pants had leaked. It was never overnight, just that morning wee causing chaos. Then there was the night when through sheer tiredness, the other half forgot to even put a pull up on him and he wet the bed! There was about a week, a good few months back, that he kept waking up dry and we thought we were there but suddenly he started waking up really wet again. At four years and four months I was starting to think that he would never get there and since I'd been told that it was actually a hormonal thing rather than a control thing, I knew we had to wait it out until it eventually happened.

And happen it did. 

One morning he woke up dry. Then the next, and the next and the next. He was sometimes getting up in the night for a wee, and every morning he was waking up and going straight downstairs to the toilet. It felt like we were there but I wasn't sure when to be brave and stop using the pull ups. I turned to my lovely Facebook followers to ask their opinion and they all told me to just do it. And so last Friday night, after it being over a week of dry pull ups, we put Zach to bed without one. And now it's Friday again and he is still waking up dry. There have been no accidents, a very proud mummy and daddy and an even prouder and much more comfortable Zach! 

We still have a few pull ups sitting under his bed in case of an emergency, but fingers crossed that is it and we are free of having to buy Dry Nites (they are so blooming expensive!) – that is of course until Oscar gets to that stage!!

I am so proud of my biggest boy and so proud of us as parents too. There is so much pressure on us, so much competition when you look around and see what other children are doing at the same age. I am so proud that we have never ever pressured Zach into doing something that he's not ready to do and that he has got there all on his own, in his own time. 

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  • Reply RachelSwirl

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Arent kids amazing little things?

    February 13, 2017 at 11:56 pm
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