My birth story

I have read a couple of beautiful birth stories just recently, both completely natural as most stories I’ve read have been. I thought I would therefore write mine, the completely planned c-section!

I always intended on having a natural birth. I wanted to try and avoid pain relief (other than gas and air). I wanted to use the pool, maybe not for the actual birthing bit but certainly for relaxing in whilst labour progressed. I looked forward to going into labour, wondering when and where it would happen. The exciting wait to be ready to go to hospital. Would I have to call the other half home from work? Would it be in the middle of the night? I wondered how I and my body would deal with it and how long it would take before baby made his appearance. My birth plan was ready although I was aware it was more of a rough guide than a full blown plan, especially regarding the pain relief – who knows what our bodies can cope with.

The above all sounds great yeah? I thought so.

It was at my 37 week check where one of my midwives (I had a team looking after me rather than one designated one) was having a feel around and said those dreaded words, “I’m not certain that this baby is the right way round”.

Lots of very uncomfortable pushing my belly around later and I was sent off to the hospital for a presentation scan to find baby was completely upside down – it’s no wonder I’d been so bloody uncomfortable when it turned out to be his head in my ribs, although they did state that he must have a very bony bum for them to not have realised!

So, after a couple more appointments to discuss our options which consisted of a very painful sounding turning of the baby which probably wouldn’t work and the potential for broken limbs (his not mine) if we tried to birth him naturally, I was booked in for an elective caesarean. I’d been hoping that baby would come in October, a couple of weeks after my sister and my nephew’s birthdays (which both happen to be on the 27th September). Of course caesareans must be scheduled a week before the due date thus I found myself getting into the taxi in the early morning of the 26th September to go and have my baby! Couldn’t have got it much closer could I?!

Down to the nitty gritty.

I had been told to arrive at 8am where I would be shown to my room and settled in. I was aware that emergencies may come in and that I may be pushed down the list. I didn’t however think that I would find myself with 3 cancellations from the previous day in the waiting room with me! I also didn’t think it would then take them 3 hours to find me a room. I was sat on an uncomfortable chair, 38 weeks pregnant in a waiting room for 3 hours. I was absolutely convinced that I was going to be sent home and asked to return the next day (on the 2 other birthdays!).

Eventually a room was available, right by the toilet which was handy as I had pre-birth nerves so to speak! Turns out that after all that waiting around, I’d just nipped off to the loo to get some more nerves out and I could suddenly here voices in my room; damn I wasn’t there and it was all muffled. I stalked back into the room where the following brief conversation took place:

OH: “Did you hear that?”
Me: “No, what’s going on?”
OH: “They’re coming for you in 20 minutes”


With the knowledge that I could so easily be sent home, I hadn’t let myself get worked up but now it was actually happening. In 20 minutes time, I was going in to have my baby! They had left scrubs for my other half (I was already in my saucy gown, you know the ones that if you’re not careful, you completely reveal your butt?!) and back they came not long later to take me away. I had to leave my OH behind as I had to have my spinal, or whatever it was they gave me, I really can’t remember which of the two options they used.

So, into the room I was taken. My first thoughts were that it was so clean (fab) and so bright! I was asked to sit up on the bed and then the anaesthetist came along to do his part of the job. I had to have a cannula put in. He was just about to do it when another doctor asked if she could. Of course he said yes. I wish he hadn’t. She completely screwed it up and I ended up with a bloody great hole in my hand. After that, he did it in a different place. Perfectly. Why did she have to involve herself?!
Once that was all attached, he asked me to bend forwards in a certain position and told me that I must not move. Not at all. I must be absolutely still else it could go wrong (this is why I had been so anti pain relief in the first place). He told me it would sting a little but that it would be over with quickly. He was telling the truth on both counts. I trusted him 🙂

Now it was time to lay down, get comfy and the numbing would begin. I think for me, that was the worst part! The feeling of pins and needles over half of my body, quickly turning completely numb and then like an absolute dead weight, like I could physically not move. I really didn’t enjoy it! At that moment my other half was allowed into the room and it was time to begin the operation.

The surgeon was fab and talked through everything he was doing. He told me what it would feel like (a washing machine!) when there would be added pressure (around the time they were yanking him out) and how long it would take (it takes longer to be stitched up!). My other half was also awesome and was with me, holding my hand, looking into my eyes (cause where else should I look) and talking to me about how any moment we would have our little baby in our arms. And we did. This beautiful, screaming bundle was suddenly whipped out and we cried. We both simply burst into tears, the relief at hearing that cry, that he was here, safe and sound, that I was still alive. It was all so damned emotional.
They gave me a quick look at him and then took him off to be cleaned and weighed and the other half went with him. A few moments later they were back and they gave him to me. This 7lbs 1oz bundle of beauty. I’m welling up just writing this! I cuddled him while they stitched me up. We had some lovely skin to skin and I cuddled him while they transferred me to the recovery ward. I was pretty scared that my arms were going to give way and I was going to drop him. After going through all that he felt ridiculously heavy but he stayed firmly in place. I couldn’t stop looking at him, he was just so beautiful. Even his cone shaped head was gorgeous (at the time!).

In the recovery room it all went a bit wrong. Nothing serious but I vomited. A lot. And it hurt. A lot! You try vomiting after you’ve just been cut open and put back together. Not nice. Every time a nurse came in and there was new movement in the room, I got completely disorientated and vomited. Bearing in mind they saw every vomit, it took them until my 6th time to bother giving me an anti-sickness injection in my bum. After that I didn’t vomit again. If only they’d done it sooner!

We were in the recovery room for a lot longer than we should have been because there were no beds available on the ward! Bearing in mind he was born at 2.13pm we were transferred over at 11pm! The only good thing was that there really were no beds available on the ward and they had to put me in a private room for free! I was told that I would be moved as soon as a bed was available but they never moved me so I spent the 3 nights I was there in my own room! Lovely when you can’t stop your baby screaming all night!

After I had Zach, they gave me some lovely strong painkillers and some laxatives so I didn’t hurt my wound. They worked a little bit too well and I had to ask Dean’s family to leave the room so I could go to the toilet – another benefit of the private room!

Despite there being moments that weren’t ideal, I couldn’t really fault my experience of a caesarean. I was up and about the next morning (after they’d remembered to take my catheter out!) and they were really surprised at how quickly I was recovering. But most of all, the doctors and nurses were fantastic and they delivered my beautiful baby safe and sound. They stitched me up bloody well too – a very tidy little number!

While I had no real choice but to have a caesarean, I do to this day wished I could have experienced labour. The anticipation of when it was going to happen was deleted when I was told if it did happen I would need to get to the hospital immediately and I still don’t know just how much my body can actually deal with. Also the feeling of not being able to work alongside my baby when getting him out. But no doubt I experienced exactly the same emotion when he did arrive.

Hopefully, I can go natural next time but my body will forever hold a mark of Zach on it. My beautiful scar that I treasure. That, and I currently still have a pretty good pelvic floor!

Our first photo!

Our first photo!

My little newborn

My little newborn

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  • Reply Farmerswifeandmummy

    thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of this brilliant post. I feel much better. I hope if I have to have one it turns out like yours including the private room 😉
    Farmerswifeandmummy recently posted…My pregnancy, week 33-when things turn upside downMy Profile

    December 30, 2014 at 7:34 pm
    • Reply admin

      No problem – I know just how much everything turns round when you find out the little one isn’t playing by the rules! Got my fingers crossed for you either way!! x

      December 30, 2014 at 10:24 pm

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