40 weeks pregnant – baby number two

Seeing as I put the effort into writing this on the morning of the day that baby decided to make an appearance, I figured for future historical content that I should press publish! You can see my baby announcement right here!!

Well here I am. It's Thursday. I am 40 weeks pregnant. It's my due date!

Once again I am scheduling this update to go live on a Friday as that way I will have the most up to date information since I shall be seeing my midwife. I last saw her at 38 weeks when baby was still head down and 3/5 engaged. Since then, it is safe to say that I think he has wriggled down even further. I am so uncomfortable with the pressure, I keep getting twinges (aka fanny daggers), all of the time and in particular when he has a little wriggle, and I can barely walk which means all of those long walks that I thought I might go on to try and get him moving haven't happened because by the time I get to the end of the road, it kind of feels like he's about to fall out.

Despite all of this, there is absolutely no sign of the little man. I haven't lost any show (although my discharge has been very gloopy), I have only been having odd braxton hicks and it just feels like he is super comfortable. Of course, I may be wrong. I have never gone into natural labour and so I have no experience of the lead up to it! By this point in my last pregnancy, I already had a wriggling little human who was a week old! But, I just have this feeling that he is going to keep me waiting, keep me wondering if I am indeed going to end up with a planned csection. I truly hope not! 

Of course, there is another reason those long walks haven't happened – it has been sooooo hot! I truly didn't expect to spend the week leading up to my due date sitting in temperatures of 30 degrees but that is exactly what has happened. It has been scorchio and difficult to do anything other than sit on my bum in the house. On Wednesday Zach and I went over to my mum's and walked the 10 minutes up to a gorgeous child friendly cafe for some lunch and the heat of that walk left me a sweaty mess! The evenings have been hellish and on Wednesday night, the other half forced me into the garden (in the middle of the Bake Off) to cool down because I was just boiling and he didn't want me to overheat! Sleeping has been a nightmare too. I need to sleep with my pregnancy pillow otherwise it hurts my bump with the weight of laying on my side but the pillow is just making me extra hot and sticky. And then I'm awake at 4.30, either because Zach has woken up or because my bladder is so full up, I am in agony! Honestly, 40 weeks pregnant in unexpected heat is no fun at all! 

Otherwise though, as always, I am feeling fine. I am so fortunate to have had two simple pregnancies so I can't whinge too much! 

I mentioned a couple of weeks back that it was really time for me to pack my hospital bags and I am pleased to say that they are finally ready! If you are interested to know what's in them (why wouldn't you be?!), then you can read the post I wrote šŸ™‚ 

We had delivery of our gorgeous SnuzPod which was very exciting! It's just waiting for the new arrival to christen it now!


I have been wearing my Mumba Bra constantly. It is so comfy and gorgeous and I was really chuffed to review it for the blog. If you have never heard of them, you can see my thoughts on it and also get a 10% discount for yourself! 

I have also been testing out the MamaTens machine which will be fully reviewed after the big occasion. I hired a Tens machine last time but never got to use it so hopefully this time I will. I know how it works and what it feels like so I am all ready to go with those early contractions when they come! 

Midwife update would have been here if I'd have made it there!!! 

Well that's it from me. I shall continue to wait until this baby decides to make his appearance and keep my fingers crossed that it's before my consultant appointment on Wednesday next week! 

Come on baby!!! 


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  • Reply Morgan

    Oh my goodness! You look awesome, and your family seems so happy and excited for a new baby! Congratulations on the new addition! Thanks so much for keeping us updated!

    September 29, 2016 at 5:08 pm
  • Reply Soflo

    Omg congrats! I recently got a pregnancy pillow to, I chose number 2 on this one: They are super comfy even if your are not pregnant, it gives nice support if you are a side sleeper i feel. It feels good to have something for your arms to rest to when you sleep.

    December 20, 2016 at 12:03 am
  • Reply pillowidea

    Wow….congrats for the second baby. You are looking great with the baby bump. Thanks for sharing.

    March 20, 2017 at 8:39 pm
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