Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom Live – a review

A few weeks ago, I popped a post up with a competition to win tickets to Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Live. As I said back then, usually I would include the competition within my own review, however I wanted people to have the maximum chance to visit their local theatre to see it and since at the time, my own visit was a fair few weeks away, I decided to run it early.Those few weeks passed by super fast and on Wednesday the four of us went to our local theatre to see the show.

Until the morning of the event, we hadn't even told Zach that daddy had the day off work so he was already super excited about that when he found out. We then told him that we were going to the theatre but not what we were seeing – we wanted that to be a surprise. The theatre is only about a 20 minute drive from our house so after setting off at midday, it wasn't long before Zach saw the poster and put two and two together. He was SO excited! He's seen the poster up near his nursery and goes on about it all the time so I knew he would be majorly happy about getting to see it. 

We decided to get there a bit early and have a bite to eat in the cafe and every time the tannoy announcement came on telling us there was 30 minutes, then 15 minutes, then 10 minutes etc, before the show started, he had an absolute panic that we were going to miss it. So much so, he just couldn't eat his sandwich because he was that excited about it all. With 5 minutes to go before the show, I took him to the loo, changed Oscar's nappy and then we headed to our seats which were four rows from the front. The lights went down, the familiar Ben & Holly music came on and the children around us, including Zach, gasped! 

Immediately Zach was mesmorised, as was Oscar who is only six months old! 

Photo provided by PR

I'll put it there right now, the show is absolutely brilliant! I mean, we along with Zach, are massive fans of Ben & Holly. It is our favourite of the tv shows and I happily let him watch it over any other. The theatre production is based on around three or so episodes merged together. I won't spoil it for you by telling you what ones they are but I was familiar with them all. 

All of the characters are there – Ben & Holly, King Thistle, Lucy, Nanny Plum (the other half's favourite and he totally got excited when she was arriving on stage!), Gaston. The forest background is there, Gaston's cave is featured, there may or may not be a jelly flood! Seriously, it just has everything to delight fans of the show. There is singing, there is dancing and the children (and adults) are regularly asked to join in – it felt more like a party than a show, so inclusive of the audience which was brilliant for the kids. 

Photo provided by PR

The show lasts about a total of an hour and a half although that is including quite a long interval between act one and act two, long enough to deal with a toilet break, nappy change, or simply to buy some ice cream. Zach didn't get bored, even Oscar didn't get bored (although he was at one point chewing on the zip of my bag!) – it felt like it was over really quickly! 

Once it was over, Zach (who was still very excited about what he had just seen) declared that his most favourite bit was the hair. It will totally make sense if you go and see it! 

As I said above, we loved the show. All of us did. I am so, so glad that I got to take Zach to see one of his favourite shows and that each of us enjoyed it as much as the other. If you have a Ben & Holly fan, this is an absolute must see for the whole family. Zach was so worn out by excitement and fun that this happened almost immediately!

Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Live is currently touring the UK. To see if they are visiting your nearest theatre and to buy tickets, check the website.

We were very kindly given complimentary tickets in return for this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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