Lidl Baby Range – a review

I was recently sent a huge box full of goodies from the Lidl baby range. I didn't know much about their baby range and was utterly surprised when I realised just how much they sell. From nappies to wipes, baby food to fresh vegetables for kids, baby clothing and even stuff like Infacol and Dentinox teething gel – we have been busy trying it all out.

The biggest delight for me has been their Toujours nappies. We have always used Pampers with both boys. We have tried other supermarket brands but they have never ever been as good for us as Pampers which has always been a real shame because they are so darn expensive. That is all set to change though because Lidl's nappies in my opinion, are on a par to Pampers. They have handled an all night sleep with a morning poo, a full on poonami and they are really soft to touch with a really cute design. I am totally won over by them and I fully intend on making the trip to Lidl every time I need nappies now because they are way cheaper. They also do pull up pants and swimming nappies which is just fab!

Their wipes are really lovely and soft – really gentle on the bottom. They are quite dry but I have a feeling it feels like that because we have been using water wipes since he was born which are seriously wet and so that is what we are used to. 

Oscar has been having a taste of his first foods over the last few days with Lidl's Bebivita porridge and the Organic Lidl'uns range – a mixture of vegetables and fruit purees. So far he has liked what he's tried and I have even tasted some of them so I can form an opinion and am really impressed.

We were also sent some fresh veg which I am puree-ing up as he's just a couple of weeks off of being able to try them out as finger foods. They are really baby friendly portions so great for weaning and they make vegetables look fun! 

We have also been trialling their baby toiletry range, Cien. From head to toe washing gel, to aqueous cream to stretch mark oil for mum, they have covered all areas. We are loving the washing gel and it was brilliant to take with us when we went swimming as both kids could use it, from head to toe and it has a really handy pump action! I even used it as well and it was lovely and cleansing on my skin.


Finally, we were sent a really cute sleepsuit. Their clothing range is 100% organic cotton and are really soft. They also offer really good sizing as they come up quite large. We were sent a size 2-6 months and with Oscar being a couple of weeks shy of six months, it fits him perfectly. I was going to include a photo of him wearing it – I'd put him in it especially for the photo opportunity and then daddy changed his nappy and he wee'd all over it! So instead I just have to show you a shot of it! He looked so cute in it as well šŸ™


I am so impressed with all of the bits we received and I am definitely going to be visiting the local store from now on. They have just been awarded Supermarket of the Year 2017 and I can totally understand why. 

I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Panel, a group of parent bloggers who have volunteered to review products, services, events and brands for Mumsnet. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity. I have received a voucher in return for writing this post.

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