UPPAbaby VISTA 2015 – a review

I love prams.

I have previously referred to myself as a pram-o-holic.

So when we found out that we were having another baby I got a weeny bit excited about getting a new pram. I loved our first pram but it got a bit beat up and was a bit of a pain to navigate being two handled. I knew that with having Zach as well, I would need a one handled pram so it was a cert that we needed a new one (yay!).

At the time we started looking around for one, we were very kindly offered the UPPAbaby VISTA 2015. There were two reasons why this was the perfect pram for us, one was that it is compatible with our car seat and two was that it is blooming gorgeous. Coming in a range of colours, I immediately opted for the stunning Georgie Marine and was so excited when it arrived at my door. So excited in fact that I couldn’t wait for the other half to come home and at around 7 months pregnant, I took it all out of the box and put it together. This in itself is the first positive in this review. I, alone, put it together! Which means that it is really easy to do so! 

The whole VISTA package comes with the following:


Carrycot & mattress

Toddler seat

Two SPF 50 sunshades

Two insect nets 

Infant car seat adapters

For this particular review, I will be focussing on it as a pram. A review for it as a pushchair will come at a later date when my little man is big enough for it! Here are my thoughts on the VISTA 2015.


Chassis & wheels

This comes in two colours, silver or black. Both look lovely but I opted for the black because I just prefer the look of it. The chassis goes up and folds down super easy. There is a large grey hookable piece of plastic that is the only thing needed to pop it up. You simply release the hook, pull up on the handle and boom, it’s up. There is no faffing, there is no awkwardness, it is just done. To put it down you simply pull up on the two grey levers on each side of the handle and push down on the chassis until the hook is locked back into place.

My favourite part of the chassis is the brakes! Sounds silly but it is one of the best brake systems I have seen and used. For the back brake, there is a pedal next to the right wheel that you simply push your foot down on. It clicks and is either locked or unlocked. If it’s locked it turns red and unlocked turns green. The front wheels each have a button on which you press down to make them lock into place. 



The wheels themselves are fab. It’s probably important for me to point out that the back of the chassis is incredibly wide and the back wheels are incredibly large. I love this but if you are looking for a more slimline pram then this is probably not for you.


However, it’s also important to point out that the back wheels come off so it’s easy to get it in the boot of the car, even if you have a smallish boot. We have a Seat Ibiza and I only have to take one wheel off to get it in. I did think that it might be annoying to keep having to take the wheel on and off but I’ve got used to it and have it down to a tee now! To get the wheels off, you literally push a button and slide them off one at a time. And to get it back on you press the button and slide it back. Really simple stuff! 


The only annoying thing about the chassis is that it doesn’t have a carry handle on the side of it and so it can be a little bit awkward to carry it and put it in the car. I have got my fingers caught a couple of times so it would be just that bit better if there was an allocated handle on the side. 

The handle on the chassis is really comfortable. It is covered in foam which makes it super comfy when manoeuvring. It is also adjustable so can be put higher or lower depending on your height/arm length. I tend to have it on the lowest setting and the other half has it on the highest! 

The other fantastic part of the chassis is the basket – it is huge.  Like literally huge! It just fits everything you could possibly need. We have had bags, coats, shopping, parcels. You name it, it’s been under there all at once.  It’s amazing. I know I sound a bit excited about it but basket space is so important on a pram and the basket on the VISTA 2015 is like a tardis! 



Because Oscar is still a little dinky three month old, we have been using the carrycot a lot. It slots onto the chassis really easily and is just gorgeous and really spacious. It’s probably one of the biggest I’ve seen. Because we don’t all have tons of space in our houses/cars, the carrycot can pack flat. Underneath the mattress there are two silver levers that have material attached to them. You simply pull the material in opposite directions to either put it up or down. You do have to pull it pretty hard to get it up but it gets easier as you get used to it. Make sure you use the bits of material though as otherwise you’ll end up with a few broken nails! 

The mattress is super comfy. It is so soft and squidgy that Oscar just looks so at peace in it (when he isn’t screaming!). 


The hood of the carrycot is brilliant. It is solid around the edge and clicks into place. It goes up in stages which means you can have it completely down, a quarter up, fully up or somewhere in between all of that! I love its flexibility. The only downside is that it’s quite noisy as it clicks into place and if Oscar has only just gone to sleep, it has a tendency to make him stir and on occasion, wake him back up again. So remember to do it really slowly and gently if baby is sleeping. The hood also has the sunshade attached inside which is brilliant – although with a winter baby, it hasn’t been used much!! 

Equally, the raincover is fab, easy to attach and fits perfectly – it even fits perfectly over our car seat! I thankfully haven’t had to use it a huge amount! 

The carrycot can be used for overnight sleeping and whilst we haven’t yet used it for this, I would have no qualms about doing so. In fact, we thought on a recent stay over with friends that we might need to but it turned out they had a cot for us to use. Of course, it can also be used for daytime naps which is a big bonus if you can get them to sleep for long periods in it! 

Sadly, it doesn’t take these babies long to fill up the carrycots and suddenly they are huge!


Car seat compatibility 

The VISTA 2015 is compatible with a range of car seats using the adaptors supplied. I drive a lot and so for me it was really important to be able to easily take the car seat out and attach it to the chassis. The car seat adaptors literally slot onto the same part as the carrycot does and then the car seat slots onto the adaptors. It really is simple and is a godsend when you are out and about in the car. We have the Kiddy Evoluna i-Size and it fits wonderfully. It is also compatible with Maxi Cosi, BeSafe iZi Go, Cybex Aton Q and Cybex Cloud Q.


General usage

I’ve been using the VISTA 2015 for three months now and I absolutely love it. Navigating it is an absolute dream. It is so easy to push that I have managed not only do so whilst holding my four year old’s hand but also whilst I have been carrying him! I have also regularly found myself pushing it round shops whilst carrying Oscar because he just loves waking up and having a meltdown. The little Sainsbury’s over the road is his favourite shop to do this in! Finally it is easy enough to navigate that when the four year old wants to have a go, he can!


The suspension is really good although the back is better than the front…probably due the size of the wheels. We have quite uneven pavements so it can be a bit wobbly at times but it’s no different to other prams I’ve used.

I mentioned above that the back is quite wide and the back wheels are pretty giant. It’s taken me a while to get used to not crashing into things and manoeuvring through doorways but I love the size of it. A couple of weeks ago we had to unexpectedly get on a bus and it fitted fine. I have taken it on the overground and underground, in lifts, on escalators and up and down stairs with success. It is large, it is a bit heavy, but it’s totally manageable! 


Overall I am absolutely chuffed with the VISTA as pram/travel system. It is a fab pram that is easy to use, incredibly sturdy and with great manoeuvrability. It’s also adaptable and comes with some nice touches like the sunscreen in the hood. It is on the large side and lacks a carry handle on the chassis, but if you like large prams with great storage and suspension then this is up there with the best in my opinion.

We were very kindly sent the UPPAbaby VISTA 2015 for the purpose of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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