#Blogtober17 day 15 – Old photos

When I look back at old photos of Zach, sometimes I find it hard to remember him as that little person. I have gotten so used to him as he is now – the tall, curly haired five year old. But photos will pop up on my TimeHop app, or on my Facebook memories and I’m like, oh yeah – he really was that small!

It’s the same with Oscar really. Even though he has only been around for a year, sometimes it’s hard to think of him as that tiny baby that he was, with his jet black hair, his chubby cheeks, his bright blue eyes. Now he’s this lusciously blonde, almost brown eyed, toddling one year old.

I take so many photos of my boys – I have a Flickr account where they are all stored from my phone and then any of the ones from my camera are stored on my laptop (which I must back up!). I have hundreds printed out of Zach and then I never got round to getting them into order and then stopped printing them.

It’s been ages since I have done it but there is nothing like having actual hard print photos is there? It’s great that we can store them online but I know that sitting and looking back through old photos is just such a lovely thing to do and so I am at some point going to get myself organised and put photos in albums of both of my boys, so that they have them to look back on when they are older – just like I have photos of me.

And so that I have them for me too – to reminisce over the years at all the different looks, the different stages, the different personalities they have gone through. Photos are just wonderful things and they are there to make sure we never forget. Our brains might struggle to think back to certain times but photos enable us to remember forever.

Do you print photos out these days or like me, do you have hundreds (if not thousands!) of photos stored electronically?


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  1. October 17, 2017 / 10:32 pm

    I really want to do photo books too – I think I need to try and do one a year, maybe I’ll start at the end of this year, and then try and work my way backwards! #Blogtober

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