#Blogtober day 7 – Goals

Oh weekends…you make it so hard to write blog posts and that is why it is 8pm and I am only just doing day 7 of #Blogtober. I mean the day is right but it's very late and I still need to do day 8, schedule the next Mummascribbles meets for Monday and read all of the Twinkly Tuesday posts! I do give myself challenges don't I?

So, the day 7 prompt is goals and I thought I would look back at my blogging goals from earlier this year to see what has been my biggest win and what has been my biggest failure so far this year! 

I shall start with the biggest win (because why wouldn't I?!). It has to be giving up my job to be a blogger / stay at home mum

Little did I know when I started writing my blog just over three years ago that it would turn into my job. Back then, I didn't even know there was any earning potential from it – it was just a place to have a vent and to document my journey as a mum. 

Once I started earning money, I decided that when I wasn't investing in the blog, I would put every single bit of money into a savings account and try and grow it. The money started coming in more regularly and I went on maternity leave to have Oscar, with all thoughts that I would be returning to my workplace when he was 9 months old. 

And then it all changed.

First up I managed to save enough to take a whole year off and then shortly after that decision was made, I found myself in the very fortunate position of being able to hand my notice in. I had built up enough money to fall back on if I needed it. 

The other half told me how much I needed to earn each month to cover the costs that his wage couldn't and so far I have earned enough each month to keep us going. And that is just amazing. I haven't had to touch that pot of money, although I am probably about to borrow from it because I have two quite large outstanding payments owed to me! I'll pay it back though!

The whole point of me working my butt off was so that I could do the school run and be there for both of our boys and so far, that is exactly what I have been doing.

It is the best feeling knowing that I have done this all myself. This goal was there to be smashed.

So what is the failed goal?


Yep – one of my goals was to do more vlogging and honestly, I have hardly done any. I've managed a couple of videos but really, whenever I sit and try and talk to camera, I have no idea what to talk about and I just say errm all the time! I just have a complete mindblank!

I've done a couple of Facebook lives and some InstaStories but making a whole vlog seems to be beyond the realms of what I can do! I mean, editing is just a chore isn't it? I have no blooming idea what I'm doing. 

I honestly think that regular vloggers are amazing. Brummy Mummy of 2, The Meldrums, What Katy Said. They are all just amazing and I am in awe of them.

I really do want to get better at it though so it is definitely going to be a goal that goes onto my 2018 list!

Watch this space!

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