Our Christmas 2017

I didn’t quite plan on taking a break from the blog over Christmas. Some people switched off, turned their out of offices on, and it was all planned in advance. I was just going to wing it, as I always do, and see if the moment took me to write something. It didn’t and instead I haven’t written anything for a week! So, here I am, back in the saddle and raring to write about our Christmas!

There is one thing to say about Christmas with a five and one year old…chaos!

Honestly, you know when you are looking forward to something so much and then, well, it’s all a bit more chaotic that you expected?!

It was wonderful, really is was. But there was too much hyped up, sugar filled, excited and then knackered children! There was too much shouting and too much ignoring of us parents, but, it was wonderful.

On Christmas Eve we went for a nice walk to get Zach to let off some energy and then we did our usual routine. Zach and I baked gingerbread men and then after dinner we bathed the boys, got them in their pj’s, got all the bits ready for Santa and popped the key outside the front door. It is my favourite bit, the anticipation, the little wave to the sky that we do for Santa.

And then on Christmas morning, at 6am on the dot, Zach woke up. Oscar was still fast asleep so we went downstairs and Zach started opening his presents. He was overjoyed with his new tablet, his shadow puppet kits, his watch and new books. The other half then opened his pressies and then just as I was about to open mine, Oscar woke up so it was his turn! He got some Thomas Take and Play track, some wooden sorting and threading toys, some Lamb and Bear unicorn leggings and some new books (the boy loves books!).

Then, finally it was time for me to open mine! I got a calendar, diary set, a massive Soap and Glory set, a gorgeous scarf and bobble hat (modelled by my littlest man below!), and the new Giovanna Fletcher book to add to my ‘to read’ pile!

Once presents were all over, we all got ready and headed over to other half’s brother’s flat to see them and the kids. His Mum and Dad were also there and we spent a couple of hours together exchanging presents and drinking tea. We all got lots more presents and left with more than we went with!

Then it was onto my Sister’s house where we were staying the night. We got there about half one and Oscar stayed asleep for a good nap which meant he had a very happy afternoon (despite the teething!). My Mum arrived shortly after we did and as soon as there was a gap in the cooking schedule, we opened presents. I was so excited to get my new slipper boots!

Dinner was served at about 3pm and it was absolutely delicious. My Brother in Law is the master of roasts and seconds were definitely had.

The afternoon passed by with a bit of tv for the kids and us feeling rather full up. With the weather turning a bit wild, my Mum headed off home and we put the boys to bed. Thankfully they were both exhausted and fell asleep really easily!

And then it was adult time and what better way to spend it than playing Cards Against Humanity with a bit of fizz and lots of chocolate! Oscar woke up a few times, unsettled because of his teeth and probably because he was in a different bed and a different room. Eventually, after we had played for ages, we headed up to bed and went to sleep. I was woken every couple of hours of course so I should have gone way earlier!

Boxing Day morning and the boys woke up pretty early so we headed downstairs, followed shortly by my Sister.

And then once everyone was up, they cooked a big fry up which was delicious and a great way to start the day.

We all got ready and then in time for Oscar’s nap, we headed on home. Only he decided that napping wasn’t a good idea and instead screamed the whole way home. Thankfully there was no traffic so it only took about 25 minutes and when we got home I had to take him up to bed and feed him to sleep. He woke after about half an hour and so I had to feed him again and stay up there with him whilst he finished his nap!

The afternoon was spent playing with all the new toys and dealing with Zach, who we shall say was, ‘on one’!

And with that, Christmas was over. It was quite different this year because usually we visit the other family on Boxing Day but because the other half’s Dad was working, we had to squeeze them in on Christmas morning, meaning everything was done and dusted in a day!

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