Our cosy Christmas night in with shopDisney

With the boys being six and two, the lead up to Christmas is a pretty exciting one in our house. Oscar seems far more aware about the whole Christmas thing than Zach was at his age and obviously Zach is just a bundle of excitement. Every day he wants to go into the shopping centre across the road to see Santa’s grotto and they both love looking at the Christmas trees and decorations in the shops. Every time we see one Oscar proudly states, Ooo, I found it! I think Christmas day is going to be super fun this year!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by shopDisney to see if I wanted to get involved in their cosy Christmas night in campaign. Of course I said yes, because who wouldn’t want to work with them? I was informed that I would be receiving a bundle of goodies through the door, but what I didn’t expect was the biggest box of goodies ever! The boys were both with me when they arrived and they were sooooooo excited – and fully over the moon considering it was all for them!


shopDisney merchandise


Now I will confess – having a cosy evening would be tricky for the boys. They go to bed around 7pm, before that is dinner, and by 6pm, we are fully into witching hour which is never fun at all. So instead, I decided that our evening would be late afternoon, so they could fully immerse themselves in it and fully enjoy it.

Disney has always brought so much magic into my life, whether it be through visits to their American parks or through their amazing film collection – and I know that they will be a hugely important part in the boys childhood. I mean we have already started watching The Nightmare Before Christmas this year (I think it was last year that we had to watch it every day for about a month), and the other day they were super excited to meet Minnie Mouse at soft play! It brought back so many memories of my first trip to Florida at the age of six when I spotted Minnie Mouse and literally ran at her with my arms wide open. It’s funny how when you are young, those people dressed as your favourite characters are the total real deal!



Last weekend we found ourselves with a free afternoon and so it was the perfect time to settle down in the warm house and have our cosy time. It was pretty cold outside, was already getting a bit dark by the time we started, and so to us, it definitely felt like an evening. And the boys had a whale of a time!

Earlier on in the day, Zach and I had a game of monopoly – not just any Monopoly – this was a Nightmare Before Christmas version of Monopoly, of which he thought was absolutely amazing! And I thought it was super cute too. Everything is based on the movie – so the pieces are the characters, the locations are inspired from the film, and the chance cards to pick up feature events that happen in it too. It really is all things Nightmare Before Christmas – and with it being one Zach’s favourite films, he fully got into playing it.

I thought he might get bored – we all know how long Monopoly can take, but he didn’t and even though we didn’t make it to building houses, when we calculated it at the end (we knew Oscar would be waking up shortly), he had definitely won! It’s obviously something we couldn’t play with Oscar, hence we had to do it when he was asleep – he’d have had the cards and money everywhere and it would have been a literal nightmare!


shopDisney Monopoly


For the actual main event though – that he was awake for and he got fully involved.

Both of them got into their gorgeous Mickey & Pluto Christmas pyjamas so it felt like it was a proper evening. Not only are these super soft and super special, but they are also personalised which Zach thought was amazing (Oscar didn’t fully understand that his name was written on the back!).


shopDisney PJ'sshopDisney Personalised Pyjamas


They had some crafty fun decorating with the create your own holiday cards kit and Zach went onto the create his own hanging decoration with the create your own ornament kit. We discovered that he is really good at colouring now – something he was never really bothered about before. He spent ages perfectly colouring in, trying to keep it all within the lines and using different colours to make them extra pretty. The cutest thing was that when he had done one card, he wrote it out for a house that is just down the road from us that has a fantastic light display every year. It’s currently sat in the cupboard waiting until it’s an appropriate time of the year to actually pop a card through!


shopDisney make your own cardsshopDisney Make Your Own Cards


And once they had both finished their crafting session, they snuggled on down on the sofa under their new Toy Story fleece blanket and watched a bit of TV – Oscar busily cuddling his new Toy Story Bullseye soft toy!


shopDisney Toy StoryshopDisney Toy Story


They remained in their lush pj’s for the rest of the evening, ate dinner in them, went to bed in them. They literally didn’t want to take them off!


We had such a lovely cosy afternoon of fun thanks to shopDisney. I think that it’s going to be a while until we can take them to Disney ourselves so it was nice to be able to bring it to their home. I hope that as they grow up, not only will they remember everything that each Christmas Day brings, but also the little bits that we do in the lead up to the big event. I know a major part of their memory will be where we see Santa each year, as we always ensure that we pay him a visit to a special grotto or event. For me, it’s the build up that really makes the magic of Christmas.



We were very kindly sent the box of goodies by shopDisney for the purpose of this blog. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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