Our weekend happy – a birthday party, a lazy rainy day and a new fluffball!

Well it was the weekend the boys had been waiting for. Well, Zach had – Oscar didn’t really fully understand what was going on, but Zach – so excited. You see it was their joint birthday party.

Saturday started out the usual way – with swimming and rugby-tots. We figured that with the party not being until 3pm, we would be able to do our usual morning and still have plenty of time to get things sorted. So off we went to the leisure centre where they had their sessions, and then it was straight out and to the car, bypassing the usual park trip – which to be fair, it was too cold and wet for.


When we got home, we knew that we had stuff to do and so we allowed the TV to babysit the boys for us. I started making up the party bags, and then of course Zach wanted to help me so it took longer than it should have done (although he was a very good helper). Oscar then came to have a look, saw there were small packs of Haribo, and then had a meltdown because I wouldn’t let him have any. I needed to go and get some more bits from the shop in order to finish the task so I packed everything away and popped out.

When I returned, it was time for Oscar’s nap. Part of the reason that I arranged the party so late in the day was so that we could make sure he had a sleep beforehand. So the other half took him out and he nodded off to sleep fairly quickly. While they were out, the other half’s parents arrived and then the other half arrived home with a sleeping Oscar. You can guess that with the added noise and us busily prepping away, he didn’t have his proper length nap. But he seemed relatively ok when he woke up and both he and Zach were busily playing away with Grandad for ages – after they had opened their birthday presents!

I was finishing Oscar’s cake, the other half and his Mum were starting on the main food, and my Mum arrived to help his Dad with the kids! I then got them both ready for the party and it was soon time to head down to the hall which we had booked from 2.30pm. Zach came down there with me (it’s at the end of our road), and then after I had opened up the hall and started getting tables and chairs out, I noticed my Sister arriving and they were soon followed down the road by everyone who was at our house.

Everyone was fully on hand setting up – setting the food out, chopping fruit and salad, blowing up balloons and setting out the plates and cups. And we were pretty much ready when the first of the guests had arrived. From thereon in, it was a mix of welcoming people, helping people, and doing stuff.

The boys had the best time. As did their friends apparently.


Unfortunately Oscar decided to fall over after crashing into someone, just before we were due to do the cakes, and he was in floods of tears. I managed to calm him down with a crisp and managed to get through the happy birthday singing successfully.


And then I was in the kitchen putting cake into party bags with my Sister. Someone had gotten wind of how amazing the cakes tasted, and suddenly there was a barrage of mums wanting some! Which was good for two reasons. It meant that a) we didn’t have much to take home and I wouldn’t be eating it for days, and b) I had clearly done a sterling baking job since I made both of them from scratch! I was so proud of myself.


Once the party was over, we did a quick clean up job before I locked up and returned the keys, and my Sister, Brother in Law, Nephew and Mum came back to ours for a cuppa whilst we made the boys a bit of dinner. Once everyone left, we got our two very happy and extremely tired boys into bed and two exhausted parents chilled out for the evening!


Sunday was a bit of a lazy day. It basically poured down with rain until about 3pm and we thought the boys needed a bit of a rest day after the excitement of the party. We did however have a plan in the morning, which was for Zach and I to go and pick up our new furry friend.

I fell in love with Milo back in April when he was born, only all the persuading in the world didn’t work and we couldn’t have him. Instead, he went to live with a very good family friend, alongside one of his sisters. However, it seemed that two kittens were a lot of work and suddenly I was informed that he may be available again. And this time, with him being a bit bigger and with us not having to fork out for all the initial outlays of a tiny kitten, the other half agreed that he could come and live with us. And so we drove the 20 minutes to collect him, had a cup of tea and ate some biccies, and then we brought him home where Oscar and the other half were waiting for us.


The boys loved him immediately and even though he was wary of them and spent most of the afternoon safely behind the stair-gate on the stairs, he very soon settled in and started showing us a lot of affection. Of course I had to try and stop Oscar from chasing him, stop him from putting the food into the water bowl (his current favourite thing that he does with peas and sweetcorn and a cup of water), and not touch the litter tray. But overall, it was a huge success.


The afternoon passed by with a movie, some Lego, a clean out of the rabbit when the rain had finally gone, and a yummy roast dinner.


Oscar hadn’t napped and so an early night was required. We bathed them before they had their dinner, and so pretty much straight after they had eaten and let their food go down, we took them up to bed. They were both asleep pretty quickly, although just as we started watching that final episode of The Bodyguard, Oscar woke up screaming. I don’t know if he is teething again, or if something else is going on, but when he wakes like that, there is only one thing that happens, which is that he comes downstairs and falls fast asleep on me on the sofa! So we managed to finish the programme, he was snoozing like a trooper and then we managed to transfer him over to the other half whilst I got ready for bed, and we then took him up to bed where we all fell soundly asleep. And Milo had a fab night too – we had no disturbances from him so he was clearly happy chilling out in the front room!

It was a pretty exciting weekend overall and the boys had super amounts of fun and super amounts of chillaxing time!

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