Our weekend happy – a cheeky solo Costa, a Christmas clean, and an afternoon with friends!

When the other half clocked off from work on Friday at 5pm, it wasn’t just the start of our weekend together, but the beginning of 11 days of him being at home with us over the Christmas period. It was so nice to know that he was coming home and it wasn’t just two quick days together.

Saturday 22nd December

The morning started early and it started as usual with the boys swimming and rugby. Zach’s swimming was less of a lesson and much more of a Christmas fun swim! They were racing, splashing around, and having huge amounts of fun. It was really lovely to see him so confident in the water. And Oscar’s rugby lesson – well he was the only one there! He had a whole lesson dedicated to himself and he thoroughly enjoyed it by using it to perfect his conversion kicks. Me and Zach joined him towards the end and Zach had a good play too, and then his friend from swimming popped in to see them and he ended up having a few kicks as well.



We went home straight afterwards and the other half quickly did a job that needed doing upstairs and then I went over to the shops with a list as long as my arm of the bits that we couldn’t order from the Tesco shop, the bits that only Sainsbury’s sell, and some last minute presents. I also wanted to get myself something to wear on Christmas Day because quite frankly, I have nothing in my wardrobe already!


I did all of the stuff I needed to do and I also spent a cheeky ten minutes in Costa enjoying a black forest hot chocolate in peace. I am only ever in there with one or both of the boys and they are usually stealing my drink and hurrying me up. It was so nice to sit and drink it whilst reading the paper!



I was out for three hours in total. I hadn’t meant to be that long but I was, and when I got home, the other half was ready for me to be there. I confessed to the hot chocolate and he had thought that I might have popped in there. He knows me too well!


Oscar had had his entire nap while I was out, and although he was a little bit miserable, him and Zach were soon playing together and the other half and I were pottering around. I then snuck upstairs to get some cleaning done.

I sorted out my mess of a wardrobe and drawers, and I cleaned the windows in both bedrooms. I then cleaned the kitchen windows but once that was done, it was time for the other half to cook dinner. Oscar was quite happily watching a bit of TV and Zach was making a Christmas card, so I took the opportunity to tick another task off my list and I cleared out and hoovered under the sofa cushions!


We then had dinner, we gave Oscar a quick shower, and we took them off up to bed before spending the night in front of the TV together and going up to bed (I had been laying and dozing off on the sofa and Oscar woke up!).


Sunday 23rd December

Sunday came around and whilst Oscar attempted to get up at a ridiculous hour again, I actually managed to get him back to sleep and he and I slept until 7.15. The other half had gotten up with Zach so when we went downstairs, they did their advent calendar, had some breakfast and then I let them have the iPad and tablet so that I could crack on with some cleaning whilst the other half got ready. Soon after, the Christmas Tesco shop arrived and the kitchen was overloaded with food and drink ready for the big day.



There was a small period of chaos where we had shopping everywhere. Oscar wanted a snack, we said no, and he took it out on one of my Disney ornaments that I’d had for 30 years. Thankfully the other half has super glued it back together again!

We still needed a few bits from the shops that I hadn’t picked up on Saturday because I couldn’t carry it all back, so the other half popped out to grab them and some lunch bits. When he got back, it was looking like Oscar was going to nod off on the sofa. He didn’t though and so he had to take him out in his buggy and he went to sleep a bit later than planned.


Whilst he napped, we ate our lunch and I wrapped some presents for the secret Santa exchange that we would be doing in the afternoon at our friend’s house, Zach got dressed, and then Oscar woke up much earlier than we thought he was going to! It was quite handy as we had to go out, so we got the final bits together and then jumped in the car to drive to our friend’s house over in East London. There were a bunch of us meeting up – our friends of almost 20 years and our children. And we simply had a lovely afternoon. The kids played, we did lots of catching up, and before we knew it, it was time to get the boys home.



We got them in their pj’s and brushed their teeth, said our goodbyes, popped them in the car and drove them home. They fell asleep as expected so when we got home we took them up to bed. Oscar did really well and just fell back to sleep on his own, but unfortunately ten minutes later he woke up and I had to give him some boobah! He had done so well, I thought it was going to be a new thing he’d cracked, but no!

Once I had managed to get him off to sleep again, I went downstairs, ate a bit of pizza that we were sharing, wrote this blog post (but it was in no way ready for posting!), and went to bed utterly exhausted.


Saturday was a bit of a boring day for the boys, but on Sunday both they and we had loads of fun!

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