Our weekend happy – A Christmas fayre, Afternoon Tea and a lazy day!

Saturday started off early! The boys were both awake at about 5.45 and then they were ready to go downstairs by 6.15. The other half had been out on Friday night so I headed down with the pair of them and left him snoozing away in bed. Unfortunately for him, he forgot that it wouldn’t be a decent lay in because we had to get them to swimming and rugby, so was a bit sad when I got upstairs after having a shower and reminded him that he couldn’t stay in bed any longer! So up he got, into the bathroom, and by 8.25 we were all ready and out of the house.

Zach had a really good swimming lesson this week but Oscar was less enthralled at rugby. You never know with a tired 2 year old whether they are going to be up for it or not, and whilst he did join in, it wasn’t as enthusiastically as other times – although his kicking is getting pretty awesome!



When we got home, we grabbed some breakfast and then got our coats back on and headed to the the church up the road who had their Christmas fayre. We’ve never been before, but as Oscar and I frequent their toddler group every week, we thought it would be nice to support it.

It was actually really lovely. There were tombolas and bits to buy – Zach picked up a fab boat for £1.50. It took a bit of persuading to Daddy but when I mentioned that he could use his money from the tooth fairy, he agreed that it was a nice little gift (even thought it’s another blooming great toy sitting around the house!).



While we were there, I bumped into a few of the Mummy friends I have made in the area, so had a brief chat to them, and then it was time to head out for Oscar’s nap – only I wasn’t going with them. Instead, I was heading over the road to the train station and heading into London to meet some of my gorgeous blogging buddies for Afternoon Tea.

Initially, I was going to go up there much later, but the other half thought it would be better if I said goodbye to Oscar whilst he was still awake, rather than sneaking out towards the end of his nap and not being there when he woke. As if I needed an excuse to escape earlier than planned! So off we went in different directions and I was soon on the train.

The afternoon tea was booked for 3.30 at The Restaurant at the top of The National Portrait Gallery in Leicester Square. Since I was getting up there way earlier, I decided to get off at Covent Garden and have a wander round, knowing it would be all festive. Of course, getting out of the station can be a bit of a nightmare and I decided to walk up the 196 steps to the ground level. What was I thinking? I mean, I was passing people on the stairs who had got knackered and stopped for a rest, but by half way up, my legs were burning! I carried on though, and made it to the top a bit breathless!

I spent the next hour and a half wandering around Covent Garden. Watching musicians playing music to diners, watching magicians out on the street, looking round the market, and taking in all the Christmassy delights. Just me, wandering alone. It was blooming wonderful!



I grabbed some lunch from a little bakery, ate it out on the street and then decided to head towards Leicester Square to find the gallery as I planned to have a wander round there for a while. As I reached Leicester Square, I got sidetracked by the Christmas lights in the near distance, so diverted somewhat and stumbled across a Christmas Market. I blooming love a Christmas Market! So I had a little wander round, not looking too closely because I couldn’t actually buy anything! It certainly got me feeling festive though.



Once I had seen it all, I headed back down the road to The National Portrait Gallery and had a lovely wander round alone, taking in all of the amazing artwork and keeping an eye out to see if I bumped into any of those that I was meeting.



Suddenly, the reason that I was there stumbled across me, and I felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to see my gorgeous friend Lucy from Mrs H’s Favourite Things. It was her belated 40th birthday that we were there to celebrate 🙂 We wandered around together for a little bit longer, and then headed up to the restaurant, finding Sabrina from The Mummy Stylist on the way. And then we were taken to our table where Katy from What Katy Said, Sian from Quite Frankly She Said, Kate from Counting To Ten, and Becky from Mummy Adventure were waiting for us. Sadly, the lovely Hannah from Budding Smiles had to cancel last minute 🙁

The remainder of the afternoon basically consisted of eating, drinking copious amounts of tea, and non-stop chattering!



We hadn’t all met before – some had but others not – but we all got on like a house on fire and it was so, so lovely spending the afternoon with them. At just before 7pm, we were outside the restaurant taking a selfie, and then we left and headed to the nearest station to get us home.



Myself and Kate from Counting To Ten went together to Leicester Square station and the others all headed to Charring Cross. It was rammed trying to get into our station and I was a bit panicky because I had left way later than I planned to, and the other half was trying to do bedtime for the first time with Oscar (the other half doesn’t have boobs so it’s always been my thing!). I got back to my station at 8pm and walked the long way home as I hadn’t yet heard from him – but then as I was round the corner I got a text to say that I was needed – Oscar was upset. When I walked through the door, I heard these little footsteps running towards me, followed by a gush of ‘Mummy’ before he broke down in tears! So I cuddled him, took him upstairs and fed him to sleep – our experiment one big failure and therefore confirming that I am not able to have a night out just yet!

It took him ages to get to sleep and by the time I got downstairs, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything, so I just popped X Factor on, whizzed through I’m A Celeb, and then went to bed (Oscar’s bed because he woke up!).


Sunday came and we had no plans whatsoever. I woke up exhausted, the other half took the boys downstairs and I went back to sleep for another two and a half hours or so – waking up at 8.45 and feeling far more refreshed. We had spoken about going up to the park but it just never happened. The other half took Oscar out for his nap and to pop to the shops, and whilst he was asleep, I sat with Zach and helped him with his homework and we did some word practice and reading of his school book. And then when Oscar woke up, they bascically spent the afternoon playing – making a theatre, putting on shows, pretending to be Santa with a sleigh and presents, and annoying the heck out of us because they hadn’t gone out anywhere to let out their energy!


The other half had gone to clean the rabbit out to discover that we had no sawdust, so I popped down to Pets At Home to stock up, but that’s the only time I left the house!

I cooked a roast, the boys continued to play, and then it was bedtime (which was chaos), and once they were asleep, I sat in front of the tv with a cup of tea and a couple of cheeky biscuits (they drove me to it), before Oscar woke up and I went to bed!



It was a real mixture of a weekend but I will admit, not overly fun for the boys.

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