Our weekend happy – a cinema date, a park trip with Nannie and baby cuddles!

Another scorcher of a weekend and another busy one for us!

On Saturday, we had planned for a trip to the cinema to see Jurassic World. The showing was at 12.05pm, Nannie was due round at about 10.15, and before this, Zach and I had to squeeze in a trip to the local leisure centre to sort him out some swimming lessons!

We had a meeting booked with the lady in the membership department at 9am, and so after getting ourselves ready, we both jumped in the car and drove up there. Zach was super excited, although throughout the brief appointment, he managed to be a bit of a pickle – I knew he wouldn’t just sit down!

Once we were done and the lessons were all booked (Saturdays at 8.30am!), we headed back home and it really wasn’t long before Nannie turned up. I had thought that the train was at 11.05 (I was actually wrong!), and after we had got her all set with everything they needed for their trip to the park, we headed on out the door. Once again, I initially make this sound like an easy thing but I can assure you it is not. Once again, Oscar was pretty much fine, but Zach kicked off, begging us not to go and trying to chase us up the road. At this point, Oscar realised we were leaving and he started getting upset too. In the end, in order to actually get out and catch the train, we had to get Nannie to hold Zach back and then we locked the front door so he couldn’t get out. I mean, jeez – anyone would have thought we were swanning off on holiday for a month!

Alas, we had managed to escape, and headed on down to the train station where we discovered that actually the train wasn’t for another 20 minutes, so we had a while to wait! We eventually arrived at Stratford and headed straight up to the Vue cinema in Westfield. It’s our favourite cinema, although shockingly expensive (it cost us £45 for tickets, coke and popcorn – it’s a good job we only do it every six months!), and we headed up to the screen and settled down into our seats.

The film was awesome! I absolutely love all of the Jurassic Park films (although the third one was a bit pants), and in particular, any that feature Chris Pratt (yummmmm!). It finished at about 2.30 and our next direct train home wasn’t until 3.30, so we headed to Next to pick up a present for our friend’s new baby, to Clinton’s for a card and another gift, and then we went to catch our train which we were 15 minutes early for so we sat on it in the scorching heat waiting for it to leave.

I had been checking in with my mum, and all was fine back home and we arrived back to happy children who were marching with her up and down the front room! They were super pleased to see us and then my Mum broke the news to me that Oscar had only slept for half an hour. He had fallen asleep on route to the park, but when her and Zach went into the cafe for lunch, a noisy child woke him up and that was it, he didn’t go back to sleep.

Mum headed home as Zach was screaming at me to go on the trampoline with him, and so I headed out for a few minutes with him and then I went back out to get some potatoes for dinner. They had none in the small Tesco so I went over to the shopping centre, grabbed a couple of bits we needed from there, went back home, dropped the stuff off in the front garden (to avoid the kids seeing me), so that the other half could start doing the dinner bits to go with our salad roast chicken, and went back over to the shops where I went and got my eyebrows threaded for the first time.

I was out in about five minutes with lovely looking eyebrows, and I headed home, the other half finished dinner whilst I tried to keep a tired Oscar off my boobs, we had dinner, gave them a bath and then put them to bed!

On Sunday we had made plans to go and visit our friends’ and their new baby. They have a 2.5 year old as well, so the boys had someone to play with. In the morning the boys had a nice little play in the garden, playing hide and seek with the plastic Easter eggs that we still have!

We headed out about 11.30, in time for a little Oscar nap, and got there at 12.30. Normally I would let him sleep a bit longer in the car but it was far too hot to sit in there, so we just woke him up and he was fine.

We had a lovely lunch with them, the kids played inside and outside, with Oscar taking a firm liking to their outdoor swing, and myself and the other half had some lush baby snuggles!

At about 4pm, we started getting ready to head home and Oscar had a danger nap in the car! Again, we had to wake him up at the other end and the other half made dinner whilst I once again staved off the constant requests for boobah. We ate our dinner, gave them both a quick shower (their second of the day – this heat is just making them gross!), and put them to bed. Only because of Oscar’s danger nap, it took blooming ages.

He was initially falling to sleep and then the bloody ice cream van came down our road and the noise of the music distracted him. He was standing on the bed, shouting over to Daddy and Zach, jumping up and down, rolling over, on and off the boob, and getting mighty sweaty. Then Zach needed a wee, he finally went to sleep and the other half left me still trying to settle Oscar. And you can guess what happened can’t you? Yep, I fell asleep! I woke up at 9.15 and tried to sneak away, only to turn around and see Oscar sitting up…grrrr! And so, I boobed him again, he fell back to sleep, and I managed to sneak away at 9.40. I mean, what was the point? I could have just gone to bed but I needed to get yesterday’s interview scheduled on the blog, so I did that, did a bit of other stuff on my phone and then we went up to bed.

For about 40 minutes or so, I was in and out of sleep having the most random (quite scary) dreams. And then Oscar woke up so I spent the rest of the night in his bed! It was such a hot one but he actually managed to sleep quite well. And then Zach woke up at 5.30am, bothered the other half for a while, and I got up with him at 6.15, managing to leave a snoozing Oscar, still snoozing (he obvs needed the sleep!).

It was a really lovely weekend and I particularly liked the baby snuggles and Chris Pratt haha! And of course, having some alone time with the other half, even if we were sat in a dark room not talking to each other!

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