Our weekend happy – A day out in the sun, Nannie’s garden & a family meal

This weekend went faster than any other I can remember! It was packed with fun for the kids (and us), and I was really looking forward to it.

Come Friday night, we hadn’t actually got any plans for Saturday but after a brief chat, we decided to head down to the nearby white water rafting centre because we can basically spend most of the day there having fun.

When we awoke on Saturday morning, as always, Zach asked us what we would be doing. And so we told him and he was super excited. We got ourselves all ready, bucket and spade to hand – and headed on out with plenty of time before Oscar was due a nap, so that he could join in on the fun.

When we arrived, we headed straight for the play area and beach area and the boys had loads of fun.

We then sat and ate our packed lunch that we had made and then it was time for Oscar to have a sleep, so I took him for a little wander whilst Zach carried on playing, and he fell asleep within minutes. Initially, we were going to head back at this point but Zach had made a bunch of friends that he was playing with and so we decided to stay. We sat whilst he ran between the play area and the beach, and it was blooming lovely to be able to actually sit down and have a rest. So lovely in fact, that we decided to have an ice cream to enjoy!

Unfortunately, Oscar woke up way too soon into his nap and it is safe to say that he was groggy! He cried for a while and then we gave him something to eat which perked him up a bit. But he wasn’t really up for staying where we were, so we decided to leave and instead head over to the nearby pub so that Zach could have a good old bounce on the bouncy castle.

I wasn’t sure how Oscar would be, but he did have a good old bounce himself…in between moaning. And we had a cheeky glass of wine!

Once the moaning had become a bit too much, we headed on home so that he could have any tantrums within our house rather than in public. They both played in the garden for a while whilst the other half started on dinner, knowing that both of them would need an early night. And soon after, we sat down to eat spag bol.

We then plonked them in the bath and headed upstairs just after half six where we quickly made the beds with the freshly washed sheets, let them have a little play, and then at 6.55, put them to bed. Oscar struggled a little bit against the light early evening, but it wasn’t long before they were both snoozing away. We headed downstairs and I did a bit of work whilst the other half played computer games. And because there was nothing on TV, I watched Jurassic World AGAIN!

Sunday morning came around and we were all up fairly early. It would have been my Dad’s 70th birthday and we were due to be going for dinner with my family, to remember him and sort of celebrate what would have been a super important day had he still been alive. Because we didn’t want Oscar to fall asleep in the car, we had decided that we would head over to my Mum’s nice and early, spend some time there, take him out for a walk for his nap and then head to the restaurant. So that’s exactly what we did!

We got to Mum’s just before 11, although we had had to sing loud nursery rhymes to keep him awake in the car! As soon as we got there, he made a good old fuss of the dogs and then we headed straight out into the garden.

After a little run around, and a little look at the ducks, we popped him in the buggy and took them both out. There is a park not too far from Mum’s house so we headed there so that Zach could use up a bit of energy, as we knew the afternoon would entail sitting at a dinner table for a couple of hours. The walk to the park ended up a bit longer and more exhausting than it should have done because there were a bunch of cows blocking the path, and so we went around them to avoid having to walk directly through them!

We finally reached the park – albeit a bit hot and sweaty – and Zach had a good half hour of fun in the sun!

We then decided that it was time to head back, and when we got there, my Sister and her family had arrived. Oscar was still asleep so we left him outside in full view of us, and he slept a while longer until my Mum accidentally banged a door and woke him up! So we got him out, did a quick nappy change and then it was time to head to the restaurant. We had decided to walk there because it really isn’t that far, and it seemed pointless to all pile into the cars for a 2 minute journey! Oscar refused to go in his buggy and Zach’s little legs got so worn out that he sat in it instead!

We reached the restaurant, got seated and enjoyed a delicious meal together, whilst raising our glasses to my Dad.

Once we were stuffed full of food, we headed on back to Mum’s. We discovered that there is a canal route, although we very quickly discovered that we couldn’t get the buggy down it. So the other half, Oscar and I went the normal way, and the others explored the scenic route! Again…Oscar refused to go in his buggy…the little tinker!

Once we were back at Mum’s, we all sat in the garden, Oscar played with the marbles that he finally discovered among her many pebbles (and we didn’t take our eyes off of him), Zach sat and did his homework with Aunt Coo (she’s a teacher so has the patience of a saint when it comes to homework), and then Zach put on some random show for us about cavemen and dinosaurs.

At about 6.45, my Sister and co headed off, we bunged the boys in the shower and got them ready for bed, and then took them home. They both fell asleep minutes from our house, we took them straight upstairs and they took longer than they should have done to fall asleep properly (why is that?!).

Once they were asleep, we went downstairs, I got the laptop out but ended up not doing a single bit of work because I was watching the BGT final, and the other half played computer games until we went to bed!

It was a really gorgeous weekend, full of wonderful times and wonderful people.

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