Our weekend happy – A day out with the Sis, park fun and some soft play!

Whilst we were on our little seaside trip last week, the other half suggested that I organise some me time. He was due to be going to the cricket on Sunday, meaning me and the little tinkers having the day of just us, and so he felt that it was only fair that I get a day out with no children too. I cannot tell you how quickly I was on my phone texting my Sister. I think it was immediately. Within seconds! Thankfully, she was available on Saturday and so we popped it in the diary and decided to meet up London.

So, Saturday morning came around and we had the usual swimming lesson for Zach (it seems to have just become a thing of his weekend now and he has no trouble just getting in the pool – whoop!), and the usual little trip to the park afterwards. We then headed home where I shovelled some toast down me and left to catch my train. There were NO TEARS. This is a first. Normally when I go out, Zach is literally screaming down the road at me. He usually has to be held back and I am normally legging it out of the door before he can get a hold of me. Not this time. Just a slight waver in his voice and the demands of a high five through the open window, but that was it. Result.

So off I went – to the station, texting my sister on the way to let her know I’d be getting the 10.04 train. Which panicked her because the night before I had messaged her to say I would be aiming for the 10.34 train. I totally forgot that and so she wasn’t quite ready to leave, but I did have a longer journey than her anyway. I enjoyed a good old read of my magazine on the train, and also whilst I was waiting for my Sister at Southwark station.

Once she arrived, we headed straight off to the Tate Modern. Neither of us had been before and she wanted to go, so we had decided it was as good an idea as any. It was weird. So much weird art. The creepiest moving sculpture (which when reading the meaning behind what it was and the different things it was doing, made complete sense and the artist was bang on with how it would make us feel), a tower made completely of radios, and some other funky coloured pieces that I thought would look fab on the blog!

Despite us not being entirely sure of why we were in there (there were some bits we appreciated but a lot of it was just odd), we managed to spend over two hours in there! By the end of it, we both had tired legs and were very hungry.

When we had initally suggested meeting up, we both said about having a picnic, or that we could maybe stretch to a Costa – we needed to keep it cheap. As always, we go a bit the other way and we instead found ourselves in one of my favourite eateries, Vapiano. I used to work in Southwark and whenever there was a leaving do in my team (including mine when I went on maternity leave), we would head to Vapiano.

It is just delicious. Fresh pasta dishes cooked right in front of you, delicious looking pizzas and scrumptious garlic breads! We ate until we were fully stuffed and enjoyed a bottle of wine and a cheeky cocktail before it was time to head home so that I could do the usual bedtime for Oscar!

We said our goodbyes as we were going opposite ways on the Jubilee line and before I knew it I was walking home in the rain and getting the boys up to bed whilst being filled in on their day. They had been to the park up the road, spent time in the animal section, played football, had ice cream and then gone to the bouncy castle pub at the end of our road before coming home. They were both worn out by the time I got to them!

Once they were asleep, I basically spent the evening editing photos before adding them to my already written post!


On Sunday, the other half was off early to the cricket – aiming to catch the 9.34 train. It was drizzly when we woke up and so I had it in my head that I would take the boys to soft play. After the other half had left, I told them of my plans and they were super excited. I like to get there nice and early so that I don’t have to buy lunch and so that Oscar can have maximum fun before his nap. So we were there by 10am and they spent almost two hours running around the place. It was exhausting. Oscar doesn’t stop. He has to go down the biggest slides and in all the big kids section – which means I am running around after him. It is so very much easier when the other half is there too!

Once they had had a decent amount of play, we headed home and once we parked up, I popped into the house, grabbed the pram and popped Oscar in it – taking him for a quick stroll to get him to sleep. It took longer than I expected it to – not helped by a woman who started talking to us just as he was drifting off and he started trying to get out of his ruddy buggy. I was not impressed as I had mentioned that we were standing there rocking him to sleep!

Anyways, he was asleep, it was raining, and so we went straight home and chilled upstairs with some lunch whilst he napped. When he woke up, apparently he needed boob, and then once he was done with that, they both sat and watched a bit of TV whilst he was waking up properly. I then turned the TV off, got the Thomas play sets down and started sorting through the hideously cluttered drawers of the Kallax unit – throwing away a bunch of toot that isn’t even good enough to give away, and re-organising all the other bits so that they actually know where stuff is! Of course, they kept pulling stuff out that I was trying to tidy away but I managed to get it clear in the end!

Then it was time for dinner, followed by a bath and bed for them. And the evening to myself, where I sat on the laptop writing this (and other stuff), editing photos, watching tv, drinking tea, eating biscuits and watching some Brummy Mummy YouTube vids!

It was a succesful weekend. We both survived our solo parenting days and we still have a week at home together before the other half heads back to work!

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