Our weekend happy – a family visit, a birthday party & a day of bits and bobs!

We were back to our usual Saturday morning routine this week, meaning we were up and out early for swimming and rugby. It was super cold so there was no park trip afterwards, and we needed to get home anyway because my Sister and Nephew were due round – and as always, we had things to squeeze in first.

On route home, we dropped the other half off at the barbers so he could get his hair cut, and the boys and I continued home where I had breakfast and they had their third!

Once the other half got home, we headed over to the shops where we picked up bits for lunch and then went into the local furniture shop which has their Christmas decs section, because on Friday, Zach had begged me to buy a cute display piece with a moving train on it. Once we were done in there, we headed home and then immediately set about putting the batteries into his new ‘toy’ whilst I ensured that he understood that is wasn’t an actual toy to play with, rather something to admire. Which didn’t really work!



My Sister and Nephew arrived very shortly afterwards and once they had given the other half his birthday pressies, lunch was made and we spent a few hours chilling, chatting, and eating the cake I had made him on Friday – which I have to say, was utterly delicious.


It got to 2.30 and I needed to get Zach up to his friend’s birthday party just up the road, so I got him ready and we said our goodbyes. My Sister left about half an hour after us so we didn’t miss out on too much!

The party was up at a pizza restaurant and because it had been arranged so last minute, there were only a few kids that made it – and Zach was the only boy! This meant that when the girls started painting their nails with the varnish set pressie that his friend had got, he wanted his done too! So there he was, making pizzas and eating them with glittery nails!



After they had eaten, done the cake and eaten it, and then had a bit of a dance and some games in the side room that happened to be empty (told you it was last minute), it was time to leave, so we headed back to the car and drove home where the other half was cooking dinner. We ate (Zach included despite his pizza – although he just had a couple of sausages rather than the mash and veg combo), and then we started the bedtime process because both of them were absolutely exhausted (Oscar hadn’t napped). The pair of them were fast asleep by 7.10 and we spent the evening watching tv, playing computer games and blogging!


Sunday morning appeared and we were up early with the boys. I did have the option to go back to bed, but by that point, I was far too awake so just powered through.

I had arranged to go and pick up some bits that I was buying for the wedding, all arranged through the Book Of Face (get it?!), and Zach wanted to come with me. So we got ready, and he and I jumped in the car whilst the other half took Oscar to the park.



Once we had picked the bits up from the two places, we were supposed to go straight to Pets At Home but I didn’t have enough room in the car for everything we needed, so we quickly stopped off at home and emptied the car and then headed back out again to stock up on animal goods.

The other half and Oscar had returned when we got back and Oscar was fast asleep in the front room. He tried to wake up whilst I was making lunch but luckily he fell back to sleep again for a while. Once he woke up properly, he joined us upstairs to chill for a little bit and had a bite to eat (he requested a honey sandwich), and then we headed downstairs.



After a while, the other half headed out with the boys so they could buy my birthday card, and I cleaned the rabbit out. They came home before I’d finished and joined me in the garden and begged Daddy to set a water bottle rocket off (which obvs didn’t work because it was just a bottle of water and some string!), and then put some mud and leaves in it.



Once dinner was over, the boys did a spot of yoga so that daddy could see what they did (Zach apparently does it at school), and then we popped them in the shower before we took them up to bed, Zach read us his book from school and then they went off to the land of nod so that I could watch the X Factor results show!

It was a pretty chilled out weekend here but both kids got some one on one time which was nice.

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