Our weekend happy – a football match, birthday celebrations and a lazy day!

We started Saturday with the usual swimming and Rugby – only this time it took some persuasion to get Zach to actually go. For the first time in weeks he was saying he didn’t want to go and it was all because of one particular thing that freaks him out. We knew he’d be fine once he was there although he did get upset at one point. He has got super confident at swimming with the wraparound float but when it comes to the floats that he has to hold onto, he isn’t as good and ends up with his face in the water – something which he absolutely hates (just like his mum!). He managed to get through the whole lesson though and Oscar had a pretty good Rugby session.


Once we were done, we bypassed the park (much to Oscar’s disappointment) because we had to get home and get our butts into gear to get back out again. I was dropping the other half off at Power League Football where he was playing with our Nephew and a bunch of his friends for his 16th birthday. He loves playing footie so when our Nephew asked him, he was chuffed! Before we left though, I needed to pop over to the shops and the boys needed to get ready. Somehow we managed it all and were out of the house on time.

The plan was that Oscar would have his nap in the car, I would drop the other half off and then head over to my Sister’s where me and the boys would chill out until they all came back from the footie. Unfortunately, Oscar had other ideas. He stayed awake, and then got car sick – meaning that the other half spent part of the journey leaning over catching sick in a muslin – joyous! Thankfully it happened when we were only down the road from the footie place as Oscar had got seriously upset. When we arrived, the other half jumped out and I sat trying to get Oscar to sleep. But he didn’t go and then Zach needed a wee so we had to get out, and then he just stayed awake. We watched some of the football, both the boys had a little go on the pitch and Zach was overjoyed when he got two goals past my Nephew (I think he let them in but we didn’t tell him that!). We then all went inside where there was pizza, garlic bread and cake. I guess it didn’t turn out so bad!


Once it was all finished, we were back in the car and on the way to my Sister’s house for more celebrations. Thankfully this time Oscar did fall asleep and so there was no more sick, but it did mean that the other half was stuck out in the car for 45 minutes whilst he slept. I went inside with Zach so that I could wrap some presents and sort out my Sister’s cake that I had made for her.


After a while, Oscar woke up, Mum arrived, my Sister came back with a bunch of teenagers who all headed straight upstairs (standard!), and then a couple of my Sister’s friends arrived with their children. We had a BBQ, the kids all played together and had so much fun, and the adults had a good chinwag.


It was such a lovely afternoon/evening and we totally pushed the boys bedtime, not leaving until 8pm. Again, thankfully Oscar fell asleep in the car pretty soon after setting off, and so it was a nice easy journey home and a fairly easy transition up to bed. It was about 9pm by this point and we were exhausted, so we sat on the sofa watching X Factor before getting an early night!


On Sunday we had no plans but we had decided that we needed to get Oscar some new shoes, and so we got ready and headed up to the nearby shopping centre where we went into M&S, Tesco, Next and JD Sports. The boys had some birthday money so we got a bit more than just shoes, although Zach still has a fair bit to spend on himself! I won’t pretend it was a fun shopping trip. I wrote a post about the hell of shopping with kids recently and it still stands. It’s like we walk into a shop and they suddenly have no idea how they are supposed to behave! So yeah, it was a bit of a nightmare. But, we managed to get shoes which was the most important thing, and then we headed home. Oscar just about made it back without puking, and then since it was quite late and he was still awake, we decided it would be a no nap day.


The afternoon basically consisted of us doing stuff like cleaning the rabbit out, changing the cat litter, doing the bins, sorting through the boys clothes to figure what no longer fits, and the boys were busy playing and being pains on and off! Milo (the new cat), also had his first venture outside which was both nerve wracking and funny! He’s going to be an adventurer I can tell!


When it was time to do dinner, the other half sat in the front room and played with them and I listened to music whilst cooking – and sung my heart out!


Dinner was a lasagne. It was eaten and then the boys had a shower and went to bed. And we had the usual night of tv, computer games and blogging. Oh, and a Mint Magnum!

The weekend passed by in a flash and I am blooming tired from it. The boys had some good fun though 🙂

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