Our weekend happy – a lazy morning, bunk bed building and a trip to the zoo!

Well it was a bit of a different start to the weekend as for once we didn’t have any swimming and we didn’t have any rugby to go to. This didn’t stop the kids from waking up early, but it did mean that there was no morning rush to get out of the door!


Saturday 29th December

The morning started out pretty lazy. The boys having a play, various breakfasts, and the other half showering. We had decided that we were going to convert the boys separate single beds to bunk beds. We had bought them an age ago when we were moving Zach into a single bed and had decided to get Oscar’s at the same time – which was handy because we hadn’t quite expected him to move into a single bed at the age of 18 months! We always had it in our minds to keep them as separate beds until Zach was six and then we promised him that when he Christmas holidays came around, we would do it.

The boys were so busy playing downstairs together, the other half and I managed to sneak upstairs and begin the build without them knowing. It was only when a bit of hammering begun that suddenly they realised and wanted to come and help. That was a bit chaotic but they watched, helped, they read some books, and then when it all got a bit too much, I took them downstairs to get them dressed.



The other half stopped building to take Oscar out for his nap and Zach decided that he wanted to go too. And as I hadn’t yet had a shower, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a luxurious bath.

It was lush! It was steaming hot, I lit a candle, had some music on, and read some of the magazine that had dropped through the door that morning.



The other half came home an hour later with a sleeping Oscar and a Zach, and I was still in there. I’d had no idea it had been so long!


I got myself out and ready, we had some lunch and then we carried on the build – not caring by then whether Oscar woke up or not as he’d had a decent sleep. Of course once he was awake, he wanted to help again.



Eventually we got the bed finished, manoeuvred some of the room around, had a tidy up, and then went downstairs again for dinner which was yummy bbq chicken fajitas.



We then got the boys to bed, watched a movie and went to bed ourselves.


Sunday 30th December

On Sunday we had no set plans. I’d had the idea to head up to the nearby park but then when the other half was mentioning it to the boys, Oscar said,


No park Daddy – see the dinosaurs.


What he meant was, can we go to Paradise Wildlife Park please. So we did! I mean how could we deny that request?

We got ourselves ready quickly and jumped in the car, driving the short distance to the zoo.



As soon as we got there we had to go on the dino train and then we walked around the dino section.



We then went to see the animals, had some lunch, the boys had a play – of which Oscar basically spent about half an hour on the same swing being pushed by Daddy.



By this point, it was way beyond Oscar’s nap time and we knew there would be no way he’d stay awake in the car, so we decided to head home so that his nap wasn’t going to be too late in the day. He fell asleep straight away and we popped to Pets At Home on route home so the other half could pop in and grab some bits while we waited in the car!



Oscar slept a little while longer in the car before he woke up and joined Zach and I in the house.

The remainder of the afternoon was dinner, tv and bed for the boys. And another film for us in the evening.



We had a really lovely weekend. Productive, with a good dose of fun thrown in!

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