Our weekend happy – A lazy weekend and a bit of soft play!

I am writing this post on Sunday night. It has been probably one of the most chilled out and laziest weekends that we have had in a while, and yet I am still exhausted! How can that be?

Saturday started out with me up at 5.50am. I guess that may explain the tiredness! The other half had been out the night before and so was recovering in bed whilst I got up with the boys. I gave them a stupidly early breakfast, jumped in the shower and then went to get him up because we had swimming and rugby to get to.

Off we went up to the leisure centre and did our usual running in to get Zach into the pool on time! We never seem to get there early these days. And then 15 minutes in, the other half took Oscar down for his lesson and then I sorted Zach out with a shower before we went to join the boys.


We went straight home afterwards as we had someone from the Office of National Statistics coming round to do the annual living interview that we do with them. She turned up just as we were in the middle of making our breakfast and the next hour and a half was a bit chaotic with us trying to answer questions while the boys played with play-doh.


Once we had finished, it was time for Oscar’s nap so I took him out in the pouring rain and thankfully he went straight to sleep. I wasn’t thankful because of the weather, but because it was 11.45 and I had a 12pm eyebrow threading appointment to get to! Luckily I made it on time and I was threaded before I nipped to the shops to pick up some bits for lunch, and then I headed home.

Sadly, when I returned, Oscar had awoken way to early and was in a seriously grizzly mood. He wanted his mumma when he realised I was home and we sat on the bed snuggling whilst we ate some lunch.


We then went downstairs where he was still grizzly but he did perk up a bit. I gave myself a treat, we lolled around for a bit, the boys played and then I played a game of Junior Cluedo with Zach. He was ever so happy when he won!


We had a dinner of sausage and mash and then we put the boys to bed shortly after,  before collapsing in a heap downstairs and watching X Factor/blogging/playing computer games/eating Magnums!


Sunday came around way too fast with another rather early morning. We didn’t have any plans at all and Zach had been asking to go swimming, but in all honesty – I really didn’t fancy it. So I had another brainwave of soft play. And the boys were super excited when we told them. We all got ready and headed up to our favourite soft play and the boys spent a couple of hours running around having fun inside and out – and of course, I got to have a hot chocolate!


By the end of it, they were both pretty knackered so we got in the car and headed home, making sure we kept Oscar awake so that I could immediately pop him in his buggy for his nap (I didn’t fancy sitting in the car whilst he slept).

We had a spot of lunch upstairs and suddenly the other half came in to say he could hear Oscar crying – I couldn’t hear him over the sound of the iPad that Zach was on next to me. He was in a right state when we got down there, had clearly once again woken in a terrible mood, and he had a half an hour long tantrum. Sitting on the floor screaming his head off and clawing at his face and hands. My god it went on. In the meantime, Zach was busy setting up a racing car game and suddenly Oscar became interested. And slowly, the tantrum stopped. He had a very small play before he wanted some cuddles, so we chilled on the sofa for a while snuggling.


And then, as if it had never happened, he got on the floor, started playing and didn’t stop! At which point Zach had to have some snuggle time as well.


The other half cleaned the rabbit out whilst we had been snuggling, I hoovered upstairs and cleaned the boys bedroom while they all played, and then I finished cooking the roast that I had started before I was cleaning. We ate the yummy roast, gave Oscar a shower (Zach was too tired for one apparently, so instead we did some reading practice), and then we took them up to bed. And that was when once again, I slunk into the sofa and wrote this post whilst watching Strictly and X Factor.


Writing these posts always makes it seem busier than it felt. It was a relaxing weekend as far as relaxing weekends go. We could have done without the tantrums though!

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