Our weekend happy – A long walk (or 3), fun with grandparents & a boozy brunch!

This was a weekend that I had been looking forward to for a while.

On Saturday we didn’t have any plans and we decided to keep it quite simple. We started the morning at home whilst we all had breakfast and got ready, and then we headed over to the Country park. We used to do it in time for Oscar’s nap, but just recently we have started going earlier so that he can have some fun before he falls asleep and misses all the outdoor beauty.

He was already out of his buggy before we reached the park (he climbs out himself sadly!), and the pair of them had a good explore. They had a wander and fed the ducks before we popped Oscar back in his buggy (bribing him with food!), and we wandered through the park, passing some geese and their goslings (we got hissed at!), and then walked down the canal where Oscar fell asleep.

As we were wandering around to the path that leads us back out again, we stumbled across a mobile phone that had been dropped. We decided to take it with us, hoping that the owner would be able to call it and we could return it to her.

Once we were back home, the other half popped over to the shops to get some bits for lunch and dinner, Oscar was snoozing in the front room and Zach and I went out to the garden where he watched his tablet and I cleaned out the rabbit. As soon as the other half got home, the owner of the mobile called and they were still over the park. So Zach and I headed back out, walking over there to return it. By the time we got home, it is safe to say that we were both exhausted and ready for lunch, which thankfully the other half had made ready for our arrival. The owner of the phone was very thankful and I am really glad that we were able to return it to her safely.

We sat in the garden and ate our lunch and just as I had finished, Oscar woke from his nap. He then came and joined us in the garden and we gave him a bite to eat before the other half quickly mowed the lawn. We then headed down to the church hall at the end of the road as they were having a fun day where we knew there were bouncy castles!

As soon as we arrived, the boys were desperate to go on, so we got them both a wristband and off they went. Oscar really wanted to go on the bouncy slide but it was just a bit on the big side for him, so he stuck to the normal bouncy castle. He and Daddy then went for a wander inside where they watched some Irish dancing, while Zach and I waited in the face paint queue. Of course, he opted for Spiderman when it came to his turn and he was very happy! Even happier though,when we agreed to let him try his first ever candy floss. We shared it of course, but he did love it.

Once it got to about 4pm ─ we headed back home as the boys were evidently worn out. They sat in front of the tv for a while, whilst the other half made dinner and I cleaned the bathroom, and then we sat down, ate, did baths and then got them into bed.

The other half and I then sat down and watched the new IT. I thought it was good but not as scary as I expected! We then headed up to bed when it was finished.

Sunday came round quick (why do sleep times seem to go so fast?!) and the boys were up super early. I headed downstairs first whilst they were sat in the bedroom with Daddy watching a bit of Cbeebies, and I made tea and then randomly started cleaning the bathroom door and the back door. Once they were all downstairs, the other half got in the shower and got ready whilst I was scrubbing away, and then it was time for me to get ready as I was heading out for the day. His parents were coming over and they arrived just before I left.

I headed on down to the train station where I was meeting one of my friend’s on the 11.01, and it wasn’t long before we having a good old catch up on the journey. We made our way to Warren Street where we then met three of our other friends and the five of us went for a boozy brunch at Little Nan’s. As soon as we arrived we knew we were in for a treat. The window display, inside and downstairs is all amazing. The cups were like wine glasses, the booze was in teapots and the brunch was like an afternoon tea. It was magical!

We had two hours to drink as much as we wanted and eat our lunch, although we did feel that there needed to be a bit more food considering the amount of alcohol that can be consumed within two hours – we were all way beyond tipsy an hour in!

Once our time was up, we got some shots from the downstairs dressing up room and then left – not forgetting another shot on the big wicker chair outside.

Because it was a gorgeous day, we decided to go to Regents Park. We stopped off at a little Tesco, grabbed some bottles of Prosecco and some more food, and headed onto the park, found a spot and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon. We had such a good catch up and were just laughing a lot. It was wonderful.

And then it was time to head home. The boys had been visited by Nanny, Grandad and Patch the dog and they had gone for a walk and then headed to a garden centre (where the mini train and animals are), and Oscar had only napped for 10 minutes so I needed to get home to get him to bed. We all said goodbye to each other and me and one friend were heading for the same train so we left together.

Unfortunately, just as I was walking out of the tube station to the overground, I could see my train just leaving. Gutting. Knowing Oscar needed me desperately, I jumped on the next train that goes one stop further than us and grabbed a taxi back home. I was pretty horrified though, as the less than 5 minute journey cost me over £7. Absolute rip off!

Anyways, I was home, the boys were happy to see me, Oscar immediately got into bed and beckoned me over, and off to sleep they went. We headed downstairs and I sat on the sofa feeling slightly more drunk throughout the evening, and cooking up the pizza that I had thankfully ordered with the shopping! And then we went to bed and I barely slept – a) because of the booze and b) because Oscar had a pretty bad night with a cough (which later turned into croup and we spent Monday afternoon at the hospital!), and Zach woke up too!

It was such a fab weekend for everyone. Me getting see my amazing bunch of friends and for the boys to see their grandparents. And the weather was lush too!

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  1. June 14, 2018 / 5:03 pm

    Looks like you had a great fun on weekend. You have a beautiful family. I like all pics and enjoyed reading your fun story.

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