Our weekend happy – a nice walk, a lazy afternoon and some soft play fun

We went into the weekend with no set plans, other than that the other half was going out on Saturday evening with a couple of friends.

On Saturday morning, once we were all up and ready and had cleaned the rabbit out, we decided to head up to the nearby park. The weather was way nicer than we thought it was going to be, and so we made the most of it by going earlier than Oscar’s nap time so that he could have a run around too. We had a walk around looking for painted rocks, went to visit the animals, had a walk around the growing maze and went to see the ducks.

Once we had spent long enough there, and Oscar was tired out, we popped him in his buggy before heading for the shops on route home. It started to rain a bit and shortly after we got home, it rained and didn’t really stop for the rest of the afternoon!

The other half was due to be leaving at just before half five so we chilled out at home until then and I popped some pizzas into the oven for the boys and I. Once we had eaten and the other half had gone, the boys had a bit of a mad half hour of bundling and chasing each other and then I got them ready and up to bed.

Once they were asleep (which took longer than it should have done), I headed downstairs, made myself a cup of tea and set down to work in front of the Eurovision. Only Oscar had other ideas and woke up before I’d managed to drink it. Thankfully he went back to sleep pretty quickly and I got downstairs again before it went cold!

The rest of the evening was me working and then I headed upstairs when Oscar woke – shortly before the other half walked through the front door. He went straight to bed and I was in with Oscar and he actually beat me to sleep. And I never made it out of Oscar’s bed, sleeping in there the whole night!

It was a bit of a rough night though and when I woke up on Sunday morning, I was exhausted. The other half got up with the boys and I went into our bed for a couple of hours to get some extra shut eye. I woke back up just before nine and headed downstairs.

Zach had been asking to go to soft play and we had mentioned to each other about heading to Stevenage where there is a big one. He then decided that he wanted to go on a train because Daddy had gone on one the night before, but Stevenage isn’t easy to go to by train and I couldn’t think how we could tie in both of what he wanted to do. Until I remembered that there was one in Harlow and that we had got the train there in the school holidays. When I suggested this to them, he was so excited.

So then we all got ourselves ready and we decided that since we wanted Oscar to at least have a little nap before soft play, we would walk up to a further away train station. It worked and he eventually fell asleep about half way there. It’s not far on the train to Harlow though and when we arrived, he woke straight up, meaning he’d only had a half an hour nap (he usually has two hours!).

Immediately though, he wanted to play and they spent a couple of hours haring round the place, only stopping for a quick lunch.

Once we had almost done our two and a half hour slot, we headed back to the train station and home. It wasn’t a direct train back to our nearest station, so we had to stop and change – which made the pair of them very happy!

Once we got home, they both went straight out into the garden and I popped the chicken in the oven for a nice early dinner because I knew they were both going to need an early night – especially Oscar. We could see him getting more and more tired as he kept falling over, so as I was finishing off dinner, they all sat in the front room and watched a bit of tv. We then ate dinner, popped them in the bath and headed upstairs for bed. It was only half six though and so we managed to delay bedtime slightly with a couple of stories and a bit of play, and then at about 6.50 we got them all settled into bed. Zach fell straight to sleep, as did Oscar, although he woke up when I tried to escape and it took me a lot longer than it should have done to get him back to sleep.

Once I had made it downstairs, I popped BGT on from the night before and did a bit of work before heading up to bed. And just as I had got into my comfy position, Oscar woke up and I spent the whole night in his bed again!

It was a nice simple weekend but the kids had loads of fun which was the main thing 🙂

If you have written or vlogged about your weekend, Mrs H and I would love to see you linking up with #ourweekendhappy which opens tomorrow (Wednesday) and closes on Sunday night! 


  1. May 16, 2018 / 9:06 pm

    Another great weekend, well for the boys.. maybe not mummy!!! #ourweekendhappy

  2. May 22, 2018 / 10:07 pm

    I love a nice simple weekend. They are sometimes just what is needed. It sounds like you didn’t get much sleep though lovely. Those kids! I love all your photos. Oscar looks so grown up. Bless him! And that rainbow rock you found is beautiful. Thank you for being my wonderful #Ourweekendhappy cohost. Hugs Lucy xxxx

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