Our weekend happy – a shopping trip, a park trip and a fish shop trip!

Saturday 4th January

There was no swimming again this week, but there was rugby. I was initially going to take Oscar alone so that Zach could go to the barbers with the other half, but Zach suddenly got major FOMO and decided he wanted to come with me. So the three of us went off in the car, the other half went to get his hair cut, and then we all met up back at home for brekkie round one for us, and round two for the boys (or was it round three? I can’t remember).

I needed to pop up to the retail park not far from us to pick up some sleep wear for Oscar. He has a lovely new bunch of pj’s that he got for Christmas, but sadly, right now, he keeps putting his hands down his nappy at night and ending up weeing everywhere – even with a vest on. The only thing that works is an all in one, so that’s what I needed to get as we only have one!


I knew that Zach was going to want to come with me when he found out that I was going out, so I gave him the option – and he said yes! So the pair of us went out, leaving the other half to have some play time with Oscar before he took him out for his nap.


Zach and I were out for two and a half hours. What went from me needing to get Oscar one thing (and a little bit of food from Tesco), ended up with me kitting Zach out with new trainers, boots, jeans and a hoodie (that he specifically asked for!). I also got a couple of bits for Oscar and we were all shopped out by the time we got home.



When we walked through the door, I was expecting Oscar to still be asleep, but we’d been gone so long, he’d had his full nap and was at the door to greet us. I had already text ahead to the other half and asked him to make us a sandwich because we were both super hungry, so we ate our food once we were inside and then tried to figure out what to do with the rest of the afternoon.



The boys were asking to go up to the park but it was so cold outside, the thought of walking all the way there, walking round the park, and then walking back frozen, wasn’t exactly enticing us. They were desperate though, so even though it’s only up the road, I suggested we just jump in the car and drive up there to save us from the two freezing walks. So we did. We quickly got some warmer clothes on Oscar, popped our jumpers and coats on, and went up there – arriving about four minutes after we left the house!



The boys had the best time ever. We went to see the animals quickly before they closed up for the day and then we headed to what we call, The Mound. It’s basically a big hill that was originally made of mud and grass. The kids used to slide down it and get absolutely filthy. It has now been completely renovated and is now made out of fake turf, and they can slide down it without getting filthy. They were both living their best lives!



It got to half three and we knew the park would soon be closing (I almost got locked in there a few weeks ago!), so we managed to drag the boys away (reluctantly), and went home where I straight away made a start on the yummy lasagne dinner. Oscar basically stood at the kitchen gate wanting me the whole time I was cooking, and the other half tried to show Star Wars to Zach but he got bored and swapped it for one of the Nativity films!

We then ate our dinner and got the boys to bed, and then sat and watched a Game of Thrones before we headed to bed ourselves.


Sunday 6th January

We made an early morning trip to the fish shop so that we could get some new fish for the tank that was looking a little empty. It always sounds like an easy trip, but in reality it’s a flipping nightmare. With Oscar dipping his hand in the fountains, and the pair of them running around and looking at all of the fishes, we had to have our eyes everywhere!



We managed to choose some fish and got them out of there as quick as possible and then when we got home, the other half sorted the fish out and I took Oscar out for his nap whilst popping to the shops for lunch supplies.

When I got home, we made lunch and sat upstairs whilst Oscar slept and then once he woke up we were all downstairs trying to make him happy because he’d woken up in a huff.

Zach was begging us to go to the park again but it was far too late in the day by this point. The other half cleaned the rabbit out while I played with the boys, and then they decided to go and join him outside.



I needed to pop back to M&S because I hadn’t been paying attention when I’d been buying myself some new pants on Saturday, and had got the wrong size, so I quickly escaped and drove up there and back. And they were still outside in the garden when I got home. I joined them for a minute but it was getting cold and dark, so I got them to go back inside and I made a cuppa.


We then had a play altogether, throwing and catching a ball to each other and making up different games to keep each other on our toes! And then we sat down for a short while before the washing machine beeped and it was also time to cook dinner. So the boys carried on playing – making paper aeroplanes, and we got jobs done, then we ate and chilled for a few minutes before it was time to get them to bed.



And then we sat on the sofa, I wrote this, the other half played on his Switch, and we watched Dancing on Ice!


We had a really lovely weekend. It wasn’t without chaos and shouting, but the boys had plenty of fun 🙂

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