Our weekend happy – a trip down memory lane, swimming and some outdoor jobs!

Zach woke up super excited on Saturday morning because he was due to have his first ever swimming lesson. I was a bit nervous about it – he seemed to be ready and more confident in the pool, and I finally thought it was time that he would go in the pool without us, but I was a bit worried that the reality of it would all be very different.

His lessons are at 8.30 in the morning and so we were up and ready nice and early. We headed out about 8.15 so we had plenty of time to get there, and headed into the pool area. We had been told to look out for the white hats which would be his fellow pupils, however we just coudn’t see any. When some other kids with blue hats got into the pool, I took Zach over to the teacher to find out where he needed to be – only to be told that his class had been cancelled. Somehow (I guess because we are new), the message didn’t get to us. Thankfully, they didn’t just send us away and instead, let him join in with one of the other classes.

At first, they sent him into the deeper section of the pool and the tears started immediately. All along I had been telling him he would be in the small shallower section and so I had clearly lied. Thankfully, they realised he was not comfortable over there and he joined the other class of littlies in the learner pool.

He had a fab time and was so good, listening to the teacher and even actually attempting to put his face in the water – something that we have never been able to get him to do. It was a half hour lesson and was over in a flash. Thankfully Oscar behaved himself on the sidelines the whole time and then we headed to the showers to meet our little swimmer Zach!

Once he was all dry and dressed, we left and initially we were going to go to the park outside for a little while, but the boys didn’t mention it so we just headed home.

I was due to be heading out at 11.30 ish and the other half was heading to the park with the boys. We got them all ready and then they all went out and left me to lock up the house and then I jumped in the car and drove to my old senior school where I was meeting my Sister and her friend. The school is 80 years old this year, and they organised a wonderful celebration that gave former staff and students, access to it all. As soon as we arrived, one of the English teachers who is still there now, recognised my Sister and then I bumped into my old form tutor who recognised me! And she still works there too – although as she said, she has ten more sleeps before her early retirement begins!

It was so weird walking round the school, some still exactly as it was twenty years ago, and some completely new. We went into classrooms that we studied in, the canteen where we ate, and the hall where we had assemblies. And of course, my form class!

It really was wonderful to see it again and I bumped into a few people from my year. Our old headmaster was there, but unfortunately we didn’t get to chat to him as we had to leave and we lost sight of him.

My school was a grower of some serious footballing talent – although sadly both were too busy to attend!

We left at 3pm and because of the footie, the roads were absolutely dead, so I very quickly got home. We sat and watched the footie and then it was time to do dinner, followed by a shower for the boys and bed.

We had decided to have a night together (rather than me working and him being on the computer), and so we went and sat outside in the garden and drank some low alcohol fizz that has been sat in the fridge for about 2 years! It was really nice though and I am glad we made some time to enjoy the slightly cooler evening in the garden (slightly).

Sunday morning came, and because the pool looked so cooling on Saturday morning, we decided to go swimming – but this time for all of us. We got up and ready (no showers required), and drove up to the swimming pool and in we got. We spent an hour splashing around and swimming Oscar round like a shark, and then when we were a bit on the chilly side (it’s not the warmest of pools), we got out and ready for the day.

This time on leaving, we did go to the park and whilst the boys were playing with the other half, I popped to the Tesco next door to grab some bits that we needed.

We then went home and the other half popped Oscar in the buggy and walked him round the block to get him to sleep. Once he was back (it only took a few minutes), we ate lunch in the garden and then decided which of our many jobs we wanted to do first.

We decided that since Oscar was asleep, we would paint the shed. We bought the paint months ago and haven’t got round to doing it. Luckily, the shed area is completely shaded so it wasn’t too scorching. And luckily, it was nice and hot which meant it dried nice and quick and we got it done in a couple of hours. Zach helped us at the beginning, then he left the other half and I to do it, and then when Oscar woke up from his almost 3 hour nap, I carried on whilst the other half gave him some lunch!

Once it was done, it was time for the other half to build the new garden bench.

That was done and dusted pretty quick (look out for a review soon!), and then he cleaned the rabbit out quickly before finishing up the dinner – which was a roast chicken salad. And then, the boys had ten minutes in the garden before they were called in for showers and bed!

And on Sunday night I worked on the blog, he played computer games, and we moaned at how hot and sweaty it was because we had warm electronics running!

And that was another weekend done!

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