Our weekend happy – a visit from the cousins, fun with Daddy, and a spa day!

We had a pretty exciting weekend lined up this time. As usual, it started with the usual swimming and rugby, which was followed by me frantically cleaning the house, the other half popping to the shops with Oscar to get him to sleep and to grab some bits for lunch. Poor Zach was a bit bored for a while on his tablet, but I managed to multitask by throwing some additions his way whilst I was polishing, so he was doing maths sums which he loves haha!

I hadn’t told him that his Aunty Charlotte, Uncle Tony and three cousins were coming over because I knew that he would be badgering me constantly  until they arrived.  And so shortly after Oscar woke up and there was a knock on the door, they had no idea who was on the other side and were both super happy to see their cousins.

The kids immediately started playing together and creating a whole heap of noise! We made some lunch and whilst the kids ran amok throughout the house, we sat and chatted, catching up on all life!

They stayed until about 4.30pm and then headed off home – although it took ages for the kids to all finally say goodbye to each other three thousand times!

I got straight to work in the kitchen on the lasagne that we had planned for dinner, as the other half was off out for the night and needed to eat before he went to catch his train. So I made the quickest lasagne ever and we sat and ate before he then headed out to meet some of our friends. By this point it was pretty much bed time for the boys and so I got them all ready and headed upstairs and let them look at some fireworks out of the window (I have promised them that next year I will take them to an actual display), before they got tucked up and fell to sleep. I then spent the evening chilling out on the laptop and eating cake whilst watching the hilarity of dalek voices on X Factor, and having Milo the kitten and Magic the rabbit for company – both safely indoors away from all the bangs!



Sunday morning came round way too fast – mostly because I woke up at 4.45 and couldn’t get back to sleep – despite both of my children sleeping. I had heard a noise that I assumed was the other half but had convinced myself that it might be a burglar! I even went out onto the landing with the torch of my phone but the house was peaceful. But that didn’t matter – I couldn’t convince myself enough to go back to sleep!

The boys finally demanded to get up and so we headed downstairs, leaving the other half to have a bit of a lay in. It was chaos though. Oscar had pee’d on himself and so I had to shower him first thing which he wasn’t happy about.  I then had to sort out a load of washing, and then when I was trying to find the second breakfast bowl in the dishwasher, Oscar came to ‘help’ me unload it and pulled the whole full top drawer out which went crashing to the ground (landing on the door obvs). He was crying, I was trying to ensure that nothing was smashed and that the dishwasher was still ok, and I honestly thought he had broken the damn thing. Thankfully, a while later the other half came down and sorted it out. Phew!

He got himself ready because he was on Daddy duty for the whole day as I was off on a spa day with my Sister! We made some quick bacon sarnies and then I headed out to pick her up before we drove to the nearby Bannatynes that we had booked. I had bought it for her 40th birthday and as it was a deal for two, I got to go too!

When we arrived, we signed ourselves in, paid the deposit for the spa bag that we wanted and headed to pop our stuff in the changing rooms before we had a session in the gym.



I haven’t been in a gym for blooming years and it was fab! We did the treadmill, rowing machine, cross trainer and weights, before we decided not to push ourselves and headed back to the changing rooms to change into our cossies before heading through to the pool. We had a little swim, used the steam room, and then sat in the jacuzzi for ages chatting! We then headed into the sauna and then decided we were hungry so we went back, got out of our wet cossies and put our robes on and headed to the lounge bar for some lunch.

Our food came and we sat eating and chatting. And then we decided to get ourselves a scone with clotted cream and a hot chocolate! The whole lot of food and drink was delicious but left us feeling full.



It was 2pm by this point, and we decided that neither of us wanted to head back to the pool so we stayed where we were before we went to the relaxation room where we waited to be called for our treatments. It wasn’t long and one of our therapists came to get us and we went to the room where we were treated to an amazing Elemis facial, followed by a scalp massage and then a chocolate head, shoulder and neck massage. It was all simply fantastic and both of us were fully relaxed and chilled out by the end of it.



Once our treatments were over, and we were feeling all lush, we decided to call it a day and so I took her home and then drove home to see my boys who were just about to have their dinner with Daddy. I didn’t eat with them because I hadn’t been sure what time I would be home.

Once they had finished, we got them ready for bed and headed upstairs where they both fell asleep super quickly! Clearly they had had a fun day with Daddy!



Once downstairs, I shoved a pizza in the oven, opened my laptop, and watched tv. It was a really fab weekend and my Sunday was just perfect!

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