Our weekend happy – a walk with canal fun, an Easter fayre and some family time

Saturday started out a bit crappy…literally! Oscar has had a bit of a dodgy stomach the last few days and it’s meant that there have been a lot of very unpleasant nappy changes. When we woke on Saturday morning, it had leaked and so the morning started with the chaos of showering a toddler who didn’t want to be showered! Between the two of us, we managed to clean him up and get him into a fresh pair of clothes and then the other half sauntered back up to bed as he’d been out on Friday night and come to bed late (after falling asleep on the sofa).

For the next couple of hours, the boys tried my patience a lot – mainly with Oscar being a daredevil and climbing up onto the coffee table, then stepping onto the arm of the sofa and throwing himself onto the seats. Meanwhile, Zach was asking for everything under the sun because he knew I couldn’t leave Oscar where he was as he’d simply end up in A&E!

Eventually, after I had managed to keep him from harm’s way for long enough on my own, I told Zach to go and wake the other half up. Once he was down, we had breakfast, got ourselves ready and headed out for a walk. Zach had already said that he wanted to go for a bike ride and so we headed over to the country park (that we refer to as the duck park), as he can have a really good cycle there. We fed the ducks but it wasn’t long before he was complaining that he was tired and wanted to go home.

Oscar however, was taking an age to fall asleep so we had to carry on going, much to Zach’s annoyance! Then he had a change of heart and decided that actually, to keep Oscar awake even longer, we would go up to the canal to see if there were any boats. And boats there were. Two of them, coming through the lock as we arrived, and the very nice owners let Zach help them with the gates. He was so chuffed, it really made his day.

Once they were through, we walked a tiny way along the canal before he decided that we would head home. And it wasn’t long after that, that Oscar finally fell asleep!

Once we were home, Zach and I headed upstairs to watch some tv – it’s become a bit of a Saturday naptime ritual that we snuggle under the covers for an hour and a half whilst we eat our lunch and watch a movie. His choice this week was Aladdin.

The other half went out to get his hair cut and arrived home just as Oscar was waking up – perfect timing! The rest of the afternoon was spent with the boys playing and me making a lasagne for dinner, followed by eating it – or not as the case was for Oscar who decided to only eat a load of garlic bread.

It was then pretty much bedtime for the boys. Once they were asleep, I sat and watched The Voice, although Oscar woke up and I ended up going to bed, planning on catching the final ten minutes on Sunday.

Sunday came around and the clocks had changed. The boys slept until 8am (although Oscar had a bit of a rough night), and we got up to another fun poo leakage! In the shower again for Oscar and then we all got ourselves ready (I was a tiny bit disgruntled that I hadn’t got my lie in because we kind of all woke up quite late with the lost hour and there was no point in me going back to bed by that time). We already had plans on Sunday to go to the other country park as they had an Easter Fayre on. We were also meeting my sister and nephew up there as I had invited them to join us pretty last minute, and miraculously, they could come.

The boys had such a fab time. Oscar fell asleep just as we arrived (which was the plan), but owing to the noise of children running around, he woke up after just half an hour. Whilst he was asleep, Zach and the other half were busy running around doing the Easter egg hunt. There were 20 laminated pictures of eggs dotted around the park (which is huge!), and each one had a word on that had to be written down on the sheet, which was then to be handed in once complete, in exchange for a small chocolate egg. It was so lovely seeing all the kids (and adults) running around trying to find them all and we found most of them before Oscar woke up.

When he did wake up, we were heading into the little zoo so he got to see his favourite animals, and both he and Zach got to stroke a snake that was being taken out to an off site show.

Once we were done in there, we headed to the grassy area to sit and have our lunch. We had picked up some food from the bakers, knowing that the cafe would be rammed – which it was. Sadly, my sister hadn’t brought anything and so queued for about 15 minutes, only to get to the counter to be told there was an hours wait for food. So she didn’t bother, and instead, just bought my nephew an ice cream. Oscar decided to have a little kick around with the football while he was waiting!

We headed into the main fayre and the boys went on the bouncy castles (we missed Zach going on as we had to go and deal with another nappy incident!), they had a run around, went on a (really expensive) pony and cart ride, and were super happy when we bought them a walking balloon each. Of course, despite them both having one, there have been wars over them!

The other half and my nephew had a little game of cricket (which was basically who could wallop the ball the furthest), a bit of frisbee and a bit of footie (which my two enjoyed too), and then we decided it was probably time to head home. My sister had driven to the park so she jumped in the car to our house and we all walked.

We decided that despite it being really late in the day, Oscar needed more sleep because he was absolutely exhausted. So the other half stayed out a while longer to get him to sleep and I went home and made my sister a sandwich that she very much needed. I also bought some cake on the way home because we had been disappointed by the look of the cakes at the fayre! So we had a cup of tea and some cake too.

It was all a bit chaotic at home because Zach wanted my nephew to play with him but my nephew was on his phone (he’s 15 so there is quite an age gap), and there were tears and tantrums from our very tired boy. In the end, he watched some stuff on the Cbeebies website and not long after Oscar woke up from his danger nap, they headed home. We had a roast for dinner, bathed the boys and then headed upstairs. Zach was being a pickle so we ended up putting them to bed a bit earlier than anticipated and I knew that Oscar wouldn’t go for it. He was better than I thought he would be but it took both boobs and me falling asleep before him, before he nodded off! I was suddenly woken by the other half who had realised I had nodded off and I snuck downstairs. It was almost 8.45 and I was so sleepy from the snooze that I just chilled on the sofa watching the rest of The Voice, instead of doing any work. And then I got ready for bed and headed up when Oscar woke up again.

It was a lovely weekend and really nice that we got to see my sister and nephew as it’s been a while. Now the countdown is on til the long Easter one!


  1. March 29, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    I’ve all this to look forward to; doubling my game when I go from mum of one to mum of two in July, but you make it look so effortless, even the poomagedon sounded fun, right!?

    • April 3, 2018 / 9:58 pm

      Hahahaha! It’s pretty impressive writing skills if I made it sound fun! I can assure you it is not effortless – but it is wonderful even when it’s chaos!

  2. March 31, 2018 / 10:46 pm

    Wow, sounds like a great weekend! We love a walk by the canal too. It’s so nice when the people on the boats let the children help with the locks. We were lucky enough to be invited on board to sail through a couple of locks a few weeks ago, the children loved it! 🙂

    • April 3, 2018 / 9:56 pm

      Oh someone offered that when we first moved here – my other half wasn’t sure about it so didn’t do it! I am always wanting to take a boat out on the canal!

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