Our weekend happy – all in all, a pretty chilled out one!

The headline usually gives away bits of what we done, but in all honesty, I couldn’t pinpoint bits of this weekend because we basically spent it at home and it all sort of mingled into each other!

I was up early with the boys on Saturday, leaving the other half in bed for a while since he had been out on Friday night and was a bit tired. It wasn’t easy – they were being pickles from the moment that they got up – both of them still tired from their early rising. It wasn’t long though before we needed to get ready for swimming and rugby, and so I jumped in the shower and then got the other half up and we were soon rushing out of the door and into the car.

The boys had super good sessions. Zach is doing so well at swimming now – I can really see the improvements that have come with a change in teacher, and Oscar scored his first conversion at rugby after weeks of perfecting his kick. He was so proud of himself!

When we got home, we had some brekkie and then I popped over to the shops to get my eyebrows threaded and grab some shopping after attempting to deal with the cat who after two weeks of us having the tree up, has realised that he can climb it.



It was absolutely freezing outside and when I got home it was time for Oscar’s nap and he wanted the other half to take him out which I was very thankful for because I couldn’t feel my hands! Zach and I went upstairs as he wanted to make a start on writing his Christmas cards for his class. I genuinely thought that he would be bored after doing two or three but I was totally wrong. He not only sat and wrote out a card for every single child in his class, he also did ones for his teacher, teaching assistant, another teacher, and the headteacher. And then a couple more cards for our next door neighbours. It took him two hours, with a small break for lunch – but he was epic and did so well writing them.



As he was getting close to the end, Oscar woke up and popped up to join him, wanting to do a spot of writing himself.



We then all went downstairs, they played babies for a while and then as if he hadn’t done enough writing, Zach sat down and did one of his school projects of making a card – which was also epic! I can’t tell you how much I love watching him sit down and focus on work – he has always struggled with focusing on one thing for any length of time.



It was soon time for dinner as the other half had cooked a yummy roast and then it was time for the boys bed time. We decided to have a movie night and finally watched The Greatest Showman which I have utterly fallen in love with! And then we went to bed 🙂


Sunday came around far too quick (I was awake for several parts of Saturday night!), and the very lovely other half got up with the boys and let me have a lay in. Zach came up to cuddle me after about 45 minutes and I told him I would be down shortly but that was a bit of a lie because I just couldn’t get out of bed and I dozed in and out of sleep for a fair while longer.

Once I finally got downstairs, we had a very lazy morning doing jigsaws.



I was still only half ready when my Sister arrived with my Nephew and his girlfriend. It was my Brother in Law’s birthday and she popped in to grab his present since she was passing by (the Nephew’s girlfriend lives not far from us and she had gone to pick them up from there). It was the first time we had met her and she is so lovely. She immediately hit it off with the boys and her and Zach were soon sat at the table doing a Where’s Wally? jigsaw puzzle – and Oscar soon joined them after initially being a bit shy.



They stayed for a cuppa (and a bit longer) and then we needed to head out – the other half and Zach to the shops and me for a quick walk round the block to get Oscar to sleep. Once I had gotten him to sleep, I went home and started cleaning the rabbit out and then the other two arrived home and we had lunch, the other half attempted to have a little nap (I say attempt – he struggles to sit down without falling asleep on the weekend these days), and Zach read his school book to me.



Oscar soon woke up and we went downstairs where they immediately started playing and then they sat and watched the Cbeebies Christmas show Thumbelina on the tablet before I then put The Greatest Showman on for them to watch whilst the other half was cleaning out the fish tank. Sadly, Zach wasn’t into it quite as much as I was and all he wanted to do was play with the giant box that we had from the delivery of Oscar’s new car seat.



As soon as the other half had finished his task, I went into the kitchen and cooked a lasagne – listening to the tunes from the movie that I had tried to watch again and failed. I could hear a lot of delightful squealing coming from the front room which meant they were still having fun with the box, and then dinner was served and eaten, Oscar was showered, school bags were prepped and the boys went to bed. And we then had our usual Sunday night where I wrote this post and the other half played computer games whilst I watched trashy tv!


Even though we didn’t do anything majorly exciting – heck, we didn’t even go through with our plans to at least get out of the house for some kind of fun) – we did have a really lovely weekend. Sometimes the boys quite like dossing around at home – especially when the weather isn’t particularly nice outside!

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