Our weekend happy – an epic walk, time at home & a fun day out!

Whilst there were a few moments on Saturday that involved some fun times, it was one of those days when you get to the end of it and you wonder how the hell you made it through! I won’t focus on the hard parts because this a weekend happy post, but just know, it wasn’t all pretty flowers!

I did get a lay in which was a great start to the day! Oscar was up a lot on Friday night and I was absolutely exhausted when we woke up, so the other half got up with the boys and I stayed in bed until just after 9. After our usual breakfast of hot cross buns, I jumped in the shower and got ready in time for Oscar’s nap. I hung around while the other half had a shower because the Virgin Media engineer was due in the afternoon to set up the second box that we have had sitting in a cupboard for ages and can now use, and he didn’t want to get caught out in his towel if he turned up early (fat chance of that happening right?!). Then as soon as he was out, I took Oscar out for a walk.

Because I knew the engineer was due and so would potentially wake Oscar up if he was there at the same time, I decided to walk for his entire nap. Of course, it took him a while to get to sleep and I ended up out in the cold for two hours. And for the last 20 or so minutes, it was horribly drizzly! I walked round the country park, down the canal, all the way to Pets At Home to stock up on stuff for the rabbit (thought I might as well since I was heading in that direction, although the noise of the traffic briefly woke Oscar up – risky!), and then walked back round the Country Park again before heading home when I’d had enough of the drizzle. I’m not going to lie – despite the cold drizzly weather, I blooming loved it. I listened to two podcasts and just loved a bit of alone time!


Once I got home, the engineer was round, the boys hadn’t had lunch (I don’t think they expected me to be out for two hours!), and so we had a late bite to eat followed by a bit of play time.


The rest of the afternoon was a blur of the other half getting stuff done, the boys playing, arguing, crying, shouting and ignoring, before it was thankfully dinner, bath and bed time! Honestly, it was one of those nights where we couldn’t wait for them to be in bed. One where we felt like a complete parenting failure at the end. So we ate mint vienetta and the other half chilled out playing computer games and I sat down to blog – only I have had serious hacking issues and so got no work done while it was being sorted out (again!).

Sunday I was up with the boys, supposedly giving the other half a lay in. Only within five minutes of being downstairs, Oscar managed to take off his whole bandage and I needed him to come downstairs and help me! He went back upstairs afterwards but didn’t go back to sleep. Instead, I later found out that he had taken full advantage of the fact that we now have a TV and Virgin Media in our bedroom and had sat and watched the cricket!

Once he came downstairs, it was time for us all to get ready because we had already decided that we would take the boys somewhere. We decided to go to a local adventure park which has soft play, outdoor fun and a little bowling alley. So off we went, trying to keep Oscar awake in the car because it was technically close to naptime but we wanted to delay it so he could have some fun! It all got a bit dramatic when he vomited just as we were arriving. Ever since we moved him to his new car seat, he seems to suffer with car sickness. I hope to god that he gets used to it because it’s the fourth time he’s been sick since we changed.

Anyway, that was the only downer. The rest of the time the boys had so much fun. We had some lunch there, played on all the bits that are available, and even had a car race!


It was a really lovely afternoon, they were both brilliantly behaved and it definitely made up for the pretty rubbish day before!

Soon it was 1.30pm and Oscar was in dire need for a nap so we headed off home and he fell asleep instantly. Once we were home, the big boys went inside and I sat in the car with a sleeping Oscar for just over an hour.


I spent my time browsing the interweb for wedding party venues and dresses! Not that we are getting married quite yet but you know, I need to look around for budgeting purposes!

Oscar finally woke up (with a little bit of help from me!), and we went inside and then the rest of the afternoon was filled with fun playtime, a quick clean of the bathroom and a roast dinner.


Another small bit of play after dinner and then it was off to bed for the boys. And I am sitting typing this on Sunday evening, with Dancing on Ice on the TV.

Even though Saturday pretty much wiped us out and left us questioning our parenting abilities, Sunday well and truly made up for it!


  1. February 4, 2018 / 3:28 pm

    Sorry that Saturday was quite hard work. We all have days like that. I’m glad you enjoyed your walk though. And it looks like you had a lovely Sunday. I adore the photo of you all racing each other. And O looked like he had lots of fun at the soft play. Thanks for being my #ourweekendhappy co-host lovely. Hugs Lucy xxxx

    • February 10, 2018 / 10:01 pm

      Thanks lovely – every weekend seems to be one great day and one less so great! It’s nice to focus on the happy times though!

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