Our weekend happy – Christmas jumper shopping, a lazy afternoon and CBeebies premiere fun!

Saturday morning was a manic rush! It was mostly because the other half got up with the boys and let me stay in bed for a while longer, because on Friday morning I had been up with Oscar from 5am and I was exhausted! Because we have swimming and rugby to go to, we can’t ever have a proper Saturday morning lay in, but he came up at 7.45 and from that moment it was go go go! We made it to swimming, albeit a few minutes late, and Zach had a really good lesson, followed by a pretty good rugby class for Oscar.

I had suggested to Zach on Friday that we head up to the nearby M&S to pick him up some new wellies since his no longer fit him. I then had second thoughts about this trip, but of course, he remembered and so we headed straight up there. Whilst we were on the way, the other half reminded me that we needed to get Zach a Christmas jumper for school this week, and that he also needed one for work. So we decided to get those too!

The shopping trip was….chaotic! I don’t know what it is about children but as soon as you step into a shop that you need to have a little browse around, it’s like they suddenly have no idea how to behave. They were shouting at each other, annoying each other, and then when we went to Next, they were running around chasing each other round the clothes. I was going out of my mind! But, the shopping trip was a success, we managed to get the much needed wellies and we all came out with a Christmas jumper 🙂



Once we had had enough of them being out in public, we jumped in the car and headed home, desperately trying to keep Oscar awake on the very short journey. And once we were home, the other half popped Oscar in the buggy and took him out for his nap whilst popping to the shops for supplies and to pick up the Crimbo present for Oscar that was waiting at Argos. Meanwhile, Zach and I sat upstairs playing with his science kit and then lunch was brought to us once the other half was home. Once we had eaten, Zach and I set up his train set to play with and the other half attempted to have a nap.



It wasn’t long before Oscar was awake and so we went downstairs. The other half cleaned the rabbit out whilst I entertained the boys and then we sat down to help Zach with a school project and it involved getting the paints out so Oscar had some crafty fun too.



It was then time for me to do dinner, which was a shepherds pie, so I stood in the kitchen cooking and listening to music whilst the other half entertained the boys. We then had dinner (that apparently Zach didn’t want but ate!), and then we put them to bed! Sadly, Oscar woke up a few times so I didn’t really get much of an evening!


Sunday was another hectic morning because we were heading into London and needed to catch the 9.01 train. There was a moment that we didn’t think we were going to make it, mostly because the boys were being absolute pickles, but we bunged Oscar in the buggy and practically ran to the station and made our train with about a minute to spare! The boys were so well behaved on the trains (3 in total) and they were super excited because other than knowing they were going into London, they had no idea why.



We arrived in Leicester Square with some spare time so had a quick look around at the Christmas lights, and then we headed to the Cineworld for the Cbeebies event that we were attending. I’d had the invitation a couple of weeks ago to attend the premiere of the new Cbeebies Christmas Show, which is being shown in Cinemas across the UK for the first time ever. It’s become an annual event in our house every year, to sit down and watch it as soon as it is aired, and so I was super excited that not only would they be seeing it on the big screen, but they’d be seeing it before it is properly released at the weekend.

The event was fantastic.. There was arts and crafts, face painting, photo opps with characters and we even met a few of the Cbeebies stars which Zach was super excited about (as was I haha!).



At just before 11am, we headed into the screen and found some seats and then enjoyed Justin’s Christmas Countdown before the Thumbelina premiere started. The show was as always, fantastic. Zach was clapping along, he was thumbing along (you’ll understand if you watch it), and just generally having a ball. And Oscar clearly loved it too, because even though he was super tired and chilled out on Daddy, he stayed awake for the whole thing!



Once it was over, we headed out into Leicester Square and went to the Christmas Market where we wandered around, ate some food, and bought some Christmas presents.



By this point though, the kids were tired and bored and so we headed to the tube and made our way back home. And once there, we chilled out. Zach had wanted to watch Star Wars but we couldn’t find it anywhere and so I suggested introducing him to the world of Harry Potter. He sort of liked it. Thought it was a bit boring to begin with but really got into it and we had to pause it for dinner. Oscar was exhausted and was being a bit of a pickle whilst Zach was trying to watch the film, but straight after our dinner of BBQ chicken fajitas, we got them ready and up to bed. And it was a night in front of the I’m A Celeb final, writing this post, and being disturbed by Oscar who was once again, very unsettled.


The boys had a pretty awesome weekend. Even though there was a lot of not listening, and quite a bit of us shouting, I was so glad they were able to experience the Cbeebies event – because without this little blog, that would never have happened 🙂


I was invited to the Cbeebies event but was not asked to feature it on this blog. 

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