Our weekend happy – Christmas lights, soft play fun, shopping and saying YES to the dress!

This weekend was quite simply fab-u-lous. Not because we had anything majorly exciting planned, but because despite the fact that we didn’t, we managed to have such a lovely weekend of fun.

Of course, Saturday started off with swimming and rugby. Both boys did really well in their sessions, and although Zach managed to pee me off something chronic afterwards, I managed to calm down before the day properly started!

We headed home straight afterwards and grabbed some brekkie before we got Oscar ready (it’s a bit chilly to go out in his rugby kit!), and then made our way over to the shopping centre, where we knew at around 11am, Santa would be arriving and switching on the Christmas lights. Zach was SO excited! We had only realised the day before that it was happening and had cancelled our plans of a quick shopping trip straight after rugby because of the excitement – you should have seen Zach’s face when we walked into the shopping centre on Friday night and all the Christmas decorations were up!



So off we went, and the shops are only five minutes over the road (on foot), so we didn’t have to go far. When we arrived they were still setting up, so we popped into Sainsbury’s to get the bits we needed for lunch and then waited back outside for the countdown to begin. They had a DJ playing music, a massive snow globe being secured into place; and a woman on roller-skates dressed up as a present going round and giving a sweet to each child. The boys were so happy and so excited, and then suddenly Santa appeared, the countdown happened, and the lights were switched on.



Once that bit was over, we popped to the craft table where the boys got to decorate a Christmas decoration, and were then made into elves – which was probably the cutest thing ever!



They then had another quick dance to Baby Shark again (like it being played once wasn’t enough!), and then we managed to drag them out and headed home, with the other half taking a detour to get Oscar to sleep.



Once we were all back inside, we made and ate lunch, chilled upstairs for a while, and then Oscar woke up a tad upset and was clinging to me for a while – which wasn’t great considering I was due to go out!

My Sister and Nephew arrived shortly afterwards, had a quick bite to eat, I managed to get Oscar off of my lap and eating a crumpet with the other half, and me, the Sis and Nephew headed out. He was being dropped off at the train station up the road to us as he was off out into Hertfordshire, and my Sister and I continued onto the same bridal boutique that we visited last week when I found my perfect dress.

Some things had come up after the appointment last week, and before I made a decision on what I wanted to do, the shop asked if I would like to go and re-try the dress on so that we could see it again, and discuss the alterations that would be required. Putting on the dress again was magical. I mean, as soon as I saw it on the hanger waiting for me in the dressing room, I fell in love with it all over again; but when I put it back on, it just cemented the fact that I knew it was the one. And so after a few discussions, I made my decision and said YES TO THE DRESS! The shop are still holding it for me so that I can pay for it when the other half gets paid, but all being well, by the end of the month it will be mine. I couldn’t be more excited and I spent the whole weekend singing a say yes to the dress song, and randomly saying to the other half, “guess what? I said yes to the dress”. I was driving him barmy!

Anyway, after the appointment, we had a wander round Sainsbury’s and then headed back to our house where I filled the other half in on my decision on the dress!

My Sister stayed for a couple of hours, we drank tea, she played with the boys and read with Zach whilst I was busy in the kitchen cooking a lasagne. As I was in the middle of it, she headed off home so we said our goodbyes and then it was soon time for dinner which was devoured by all! We then gave Oscar a quick shower and got the pair of them to bed before we headed downstairs and I watched X Factor whilst the other half played computer games.


Sunday came around and we had made rough plans to head out to soft play nice and early. The other half took the boys downstairs and left me in bed which was really nice because I had awoken with a bit of a tired head. I woke up again at 8am and headed downstairs to see the fam. We had a lazy hour before getting ready and getting to soft play at 10.30am.

The boys immediately had us running round with them, but I did manage to sit down and have a hot chocolate, and the pair of us managed to rest quite a bit whilst they busied themselves and knackered themselves out!



We had two hours in there, met Minnie Mouse, and as we were about to leave they started drawing the raffle that we had bought tickets for, so we hung around and actually won a photoshoot which is pretty cool!



The other half headed out with Oscar and got him in the buggy and took him off on foot to get him to sleep, and we arranged to meet across the road at M&S as we needed a few bits for Zach. So Zach and I jumped in the car and parked over in the retail park, went into M&S and found the other half nice and easily with a sleeping Oscar. We popped next door into the Tesco cafe to have some lunch and then went back to M&S where we bought Zach some new slippers, a new coat and a t-shirt that he badly wanted when he saw it. We also picked up a couple of cute baubles for the Christmas tree! Oscar stayed asleep until we were heading to the car so we all drove home happy!



The rest of the afternoon was spent having fun together. Most of this will be saved for a future blog post, but it consisted of colouring in, chilling out, watching the Cbeebies Peter Pan, and discovering that Oscar is a future cricket star, as it seems he is awesome at batting a ball with a bowling pin!



We cooked sausage and mash for dinner, ate it, got the boys ready for bed, put them to bed, and then I spent the evening watching X Factor and I’m A Celebrity, whilst drinking tea and eating ice cream!


It really was such a lovely weekend. I said to the other half at the end of Sunday, how well the boys had behaved, how there was hardly any shouting, and how we discovered things that we didn’t know about them – like how good Zach has got at colouring and how good Oscar is at thwacking a ball!

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