Our weekend happy – Christmas trees, excited boys, and Santa!

We had planned to fully throw ourselves into Christmas this weekend, since it was the first one of December. We started out with our morning rush to swimming and rugby and then on the way back from there, we dropped the other half off at the barbers before heading home for breakfast (my first, the kids’ second). Once we had eaten, I needed to start getting the house ready to put the tree up – which basically meant I needed to move a ton of toys and have a good tidy up before we rearranged the furniture to make room for the tree. So I popped a film on for the boys and started on the toy clearing! The other half got home just as I was finishing up and then we moved the two bits of furniture around so we had our nice big space for the pretty large tree we bought last year.

All morning, Zach had been asking if it was time to put the tree up yet, but sadly, when we did have our space for it, it was time for Oscar’s nap. So I popped him in the buggy and took him out in the pouring rain to get him to sleep. Thankfully it didn’t take long and I was back home in the warm again and upstairs eating lunch and doing a bit of Christmas shopping on the laptop whilst Zach watched the iPad and the other half tried to have a nap (I say tried because he failed due to his blocked nose!).

Oscar woke up and that was when the excitement for them really kicked in. Very soon after, the other half went up into the loft and got the tree down, along with all the decorations. We spent the next couple of hours listening to Christmas music whilst putting up the tree, putting the lights on, and decorating it. The boys were brilliant at helping and we only suffered one smashed bauble that Oscar dropped by accident! All in all, it was pretty successful.


Once we were all done and Zach had turned the main lights in the front room on and off ten thousand times because the tree looked so pretty, we decided to go for a walk round the block. Zach had noticed that several people had put their decs up too, so he wanted to see them from outside. It was actually really nice to go for a little stroll in the dark and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it.



I realised that we had no potatoes for dinner so Zach and I popped over to the shops whilst the other half and Oscar went home. It was another good excuse for Zach to see the big Christmas tree that he so loves admiring on the school run!



Once we were back home, it was pretty much time for dinner, which was yummy sausage and mash, and then once we were done, we popped Oscar in the shower and then they went to bed. And of course, it was X Factor final night so I was glued to the tv all night!


On Sunday we continued the Christmas theme. We were all up super early (sadly), and we had told the boys that we were going to a garden centre called Tyndalls about fifteen minutes away in Nazeing. We had simply told them that it was to see their Christmas decorations and maybe pick up a couple of bits ourselves, but really we were going to see Santa.

We had been to Tyndalls 2 years ago and it was wonderful so when we were thinking about where to take them to see Santa, it was up at the high end of our list. We had been recommended another place too, but had been told the queuing was ridiculous so we didn’t bother.

We arrived at Tyndalls and headed straight for the Winter Wonderland bit. There was a bit of a queue to get in but it didn’t take too long and one of us queued whilst the other one took the boys elsewhere. It moved pretty quickly and we were soon paying to get in – luckily no-one mentioned Santa so it was still a big secret!



The boys absolutely loved the walk round – Zach didn’t seem to remember it from last time so it was all pretty new to him, Oscar was just a baby so he fully appreciated every single bit of it. It was just gorgeous and they were both in their element.



We then found the queue for Santa and it was pretty long. The other half stood in it for a while whilst I took the boys back off to the walk round bit, and then we headed back to see he had barely moved! So then we switched for a while and I did manage to move a little way up the queue by the time they came back. We then all stayed together as a couple of Zach’s old friends from nursery happened to be not far behind us, so they were busy playing around together.

It was around about this point that I had to reveal all to Zach. He kept asking why we were queuing, asking why there were so many people there, and asking to go back outside where there was a merry go round and trampoline/ball pit slide thing! And so I made him read the sign that was up. He worked out Queue, then read ‘here for’ and then spelt out ‘S A N’ and realised what it said and did the biggest gasp/excited face ever! So then he was super excited. Luckily the queue moved a bit faster and all in all it wasn’t too long before we were at the front and being let into see the big man.

He was wonderful. Sitting there with his big notebook and pen, asking them their names, ages and what they want for Christmas and writing it all down. Talking to them, amazing them. They just sat there in awe and it was so gorgeous to watch. And then we all had a photo with him, Zach got a hug and a high five, and Oscar just opted for the high five, and then we said goodbye to him.



We moved out into his workshop where there was a huge array of presents to choose from. Oscar chose a bat and ball set (of course), and Zach chose a car thing, and then we headed back out to the garden centre. It was pouring down but they wanted to go on the merry go round. We gave it five minutes and then thankfully the rain mostly stopped and they went on.



We then looked around the Christmas decorations, decided not to get anything, and we went to the car and headed home. Oscar fell asleep on the way and so I sat out in the car with him for a while whilst he slept. I had a blanket on because I was freezing!



He didn’t sleep for two long because we had to keep adjusting his floppy head and he woke up – just as the other half had brought my lunch out to me! So into the house we went and we had lunch. He was a bit grizzly but was soon tempted by the bat and ball set he’d just got so he was soon busy playing.


The rest of the afternoon was standard Sunday afternoon. The boys playing, Zach doing his homework, the other half cleaning the rabbit out, and me cooking a lasagne!



Dinner was quite late and so we let the boys listen to a couple more Christmas songs and then it was time for their bed – and time for my very last X Factor this year – which I blooming loved!


It was such a wonderful weekend. Even though at times the boys were a nightmare – hyper from excitement. I feel like we have fully entered the festive period now and am looking forward to more weekend Christmas fun!

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