Our weekend happy – Grandparents visiting, pumpkin carving and a trip to the park!

We had our usual, but this time chilly, trip up to the leisure centre for the boys swimming and rugby sessions first thing on Saturday morning. This week, both of them seemed on good form and they both had really good sessions.

It’s far too cold now to be stopping off at the park afterwards, so we headed straight home for brekkie. The boys spent some time on technology whilst we had a spruce round the house, and then we went our separate ways – the other half taking Oscar out for his nap and to pop to the shops, and Zach and I jumping in the car to drive to a nearby Laser Quest. Him and his friend were due to have a session and we were meeting there around 11.30. I was late because I couldn’t figure out where to park, but luckily his friend’s Mum was waiting for us and they jumped in the car to help me find the entrance to Tesco car park!

We headed into the Laser Quest and I wasn’t sure how Zach would be, having never done it before. Him and his friend headed in for the briefing and we ordered a hot drink from the cafe – and just as we had started drinking them, they both came out having completely freaked out! So it was an outing cut short and we were soon back in the car driving home.

Oscar was asleep when we arrived but he soon woke up and then the other half’s Mum and Dad arrived to distract from his still slightly sleepy state! They were both super excited because Nanny and Grandad had brought two pumpkins for carving and they immediately wanted to do it – so they did!


Once they were well into carving, we made lunch for everyone and spent the afternoon catching up, eating cake and drinking tea! Oh and the boys did a spot of yoga!


The in-laws left around 3.30 and the other half suggested that it was a good time to sit down and watch Coco with the boys. I had other ideas though, and slunk off upstairs to do a workout!


A quick shower afterwards, and then the other half cooked up a yummy portion of BBQ chicken fajitas while me and the boys messed around.


They then went to bed – albeit a little later to allow for the clock change. It was then the usual night of X Factor, a Magnum, and a disturbance or two from Oscar who has been suffering with a cough.


Sunday arrived and the other half was dragged up at 5.30, with me and Oscar following at about 6.30. I should point out that I wasn’t asleep, I was just letting Oscar continue his required sleep!

The morning was a bit of a lazy one as we were all a bit tired, although there was a mad five minutes when Zach bit into his apple and ended up with his wobbly tooth hanging by a thread! It soon popped out and he freaked a bit!


Once the drama of that was over, we got our butts in gear and headed up to the nearby park for a very fresh hour out. The animal bit that we always go in had a pumpkin trail and a meet and greet with some creepy crawlies, so we spent some time in there and then Zach’s friend arrived so they had fifteen minutes together having fun whilst the other half tried to get Oscar to sleep – which failed!


He did however fall asleep on route home and had an hour and forty five minute nap whilst we ate lunch and rested upstairs. We actually had to go down and wake him as it was half two and I didn’t want to risk him not going to bed at the right time.

Zach had been badgering us for a whole day to do the mentos and diet coke experiment, and so we headed out into the freezing cold garden to do it. Thankfully it’s a quick one and we were soon back inside trying to get warm – except for the other half who cleaned the rabbit out!


For the rest of the afternoon, the boys played, we decorated the house a bit for Halloween, I cooked a shepherds pie, and we just about made it through to bedtime without falling asleep! And then I sat and watched TV and wrote a couple of blog posts before heading to bed exhausted ready for the start of half term!

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