Our weekend happy – gymnastics, friends and family!

With Zach being at school now, our weekends are super important. This one whizzed around really quickly and the first thing that was scheduled was Zach's return to gymnastics. 

He started gymnastics about a year ago and has loved it from the moment he stepped foot into that first class. Week after week, he got more and more confident, coming home and doing roly poly's on the sofa and constantly asking when he was going for his next lesson. So when it was finally time to go back after the summer break, he was super excited. Of course, it's a different class though – a different day, a different time, a different format and different children. Off he went, super excited and well, suddenly I could hear a familiar cry and the sound of,


I want my mummy.


OMG. Literally OMG.

This is the child that has not shed a tear during his time so far at school – somewhere that is totally unfamiliar to him, and here he is, crying at gymnastics! I hid, and the other half came out of sight so that his lovely teacher could deal with the situation. Which she did brilliantly and he calmed down. There was another bout of tears but then the real gymnastics started and he started to join in and finally there were smiles.

And then he was fine – fine enough for me to be standing watching him rather than ducking down and hiding in case he saw me and it set him off again! The rest of the class was fine and he did super well on the balance beam, going along it all by himself and doing a kind of star jump off the end. He then did the parallel bars and managed to climb along them like a monkey all by himself. That boy is so strong! 

After class, off we went home – the other half popped to the barbers and I started to sort us all out because we were due at our friend's house for a gathering to celebrate two of their birthdays. 

I remember back in the day when it was just us friends, gathered around, drinking wine, chatting and relaxing. Now? Well, there were 5 children that needed our attention! Zach and his friend Eliza were busy playing together for the whole afternoon!

Clara was toddling around, Oscar was crawling and cruising everywhere, and well, it was chaos of course! But it was also lovely. I had a little bit of prosecco and caught up with everyone. Our other friend is due to have her first baby next month so it's always exciting having a catch up with her. You all know I love baby talk! 

Suddenly it was time to get the kids ready for bed and head home. Oscar was very tired but instead of chill out, relax and fall asleep in the car, he had a meltdown! So much so that I had to pull into an undercover Sainsbury's car park, get him out in his car seat and rock him to sleep! Blinking nightmare! 

Once we finally got home, Zach went off to bed, Oscar slept in his car seat and I took him up to bed when he woke up and it was time for X Factor! 

Sunday came round and we had made no plans. Which was lucky because around 10.30am, the other half got a phone call from his dad to say they were looking after his brother's kids and could they come over to us. Zach was super excited when I told him and at about midday, they all arrived – the dog included! 

As always, they all bombarded straight up the stairs to play in Zach's room and for the rest of the afternoon, were up and down like a yo-yo! We all had lunch, had a nice old catch up with the other half's mum and dad and then they headed home at about 4pm, leaving us to do dinner and get the boys to bed. It was really lovely because we had no plans but knew we needed to entertain Zach somehow and this sorted everything!  

And that was yet another weekend gone!

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