Our weekend happy – lunch with the littlies, adventure park fun and family visitors!

And here we are with another bank holiday weekend passed, and another pretty gorgeous one. OK so we had moments of torrential rain and thunderstorms, but for the most part it was hot and sunny.

On Saturday I was solo parenting. The other half was off to the cricket at Lord’s and he would be out from early in the morning until late at night. You’d think knowing that, I would have some form of plan in place but alas, I didn’t. It didn’t help that I had no idea what the weather was going to be doing, and in fact, come Saturday morning, it was pretty darn cloudy and I couldn’t see how it was going to be the scorcher of the day they had promised.

The other half left the house at 9am and we spent an hour having brekkie, getting dressed and doing some sink or float tests!

And then, the sun came out. Just like that, all cloud disappeared and the sun came out. Right, off up to the park it was.

When we finally left, it was actually close to 11am, which is pretty close to Oscar’s naptime. Since he had woken up really early, I thought he was going to fall asleep really quickly – but he didn’t, and was still awake when we got to the park. Usually he would ask to get out as soon as we get there, but he was pretty relaxed so I thought sleep was inevitable. Wrong!

Zach and I wandered around the park for blooming ages. It was lovely and we had a lovely time, but I just kept telling him that Oscar was about to fall asleep when he didn’t! So we popped in to see the animals, wandered around some more, and when he still wasn’t asleep, we went to the cafe for some lunch.

After we had eaten, we went back outside and I had given Oscar my phone to watch (for the first time ever!), and he finally nodded off to Justin’s Nursery Rhymes!

Since we had been out for ages wandering around, Zach was pretty ready to go home by this point, so we did. As soon as we got in, we headed out into the garden where I hung the washing up, Zach went on the trampoline and took advantage of not having Oscar bothering him on there, and we got the paddling pool out and filled it with just a small amount of water.

Zach then decided that he wanted some of the bath toys in the pool so went into the bathroom to get them. In the process, he stood up and smashed his head on the sink, screamed out in pain, woke Oscar up to soon, and I had two sobbing children on my hands! It was all a bit downhill for a while after that because Oscar was miserable. My lovely neighbour was in the garden and she made me a cup of tea, I got the boys some food (that always works for everything), and had a hot cross bun myself. The food did indeed work and for the rest of the afternoon, they played really well together in the garden, going between the paddling pool, the slide and the trampoline.

It was then time to cook dinner and seeing as they were having such fun outside, I started preparing out there. We were only having sausage and mash so it was nice and easy. We then sat down to eat once it was ready and then it was just a short time until bedtime (although they did both manage to sneak in some more garden time beforehand!). Both of them went to bed really easily and once they were asleep, I headed downstairs and did some work whilst watching BGT. I then headed to bed just as the storm was starting but I slept through the whole thing. This mumma sure sleeps when she is allowed! I didn’t even hear the other half come home or come to bed! Although I was awoken by two crying children at some point, one wanting boob and the other scared from the storm!

Sunday morning came round and Zach was up before Oscar, which meant that the other half was up before me. Once Oscar and I were downstairs, we all started getting ready to head out. Zach had begged to go to Rye-Assic Adventure Park which is not too far away from us, and so we all headed out at about 9.30. We were stopped in our tracks when the other half spotted a squirrel perched on our windowsill. Although after getting a ladder from next door to rescue it, it turns out they can simply walk across walls. Who knew!

Back on our way again and we finally got there. The boys had loads of fun on everything there and they were both exhausted come 12.30.

The other half had decided that he would walk back with Oscar in the buggy so that he didn’t fall asleep in the car. It’s a darn long walk but he said if he got tired, he could jump on a train when he reached the next station. So we separated, with me and Zach heading back home to have some lunch.

Just as I was finishing up, the other half called me. Apparently, the canal route that he planned on taking was not as accessible as he thought it was, and he was still just down the road from where we had been. He had stopped at a pub where he was enjoying a cold orange juice and he needed us to go and rescue them when Oscar woke up! I quickly hung the washing out and then I got the message that they were ready to be collected. So off we went back out on our mission!

Once we were finally all back home, we went straight out into the garden. The boys played together and then they popped into next door’s garden where they had ultimate fun as always. Whilst they were busy playing, the other half had been cleaning the rabbit out and then we made a start on dinner. And once it was almost ready, we grabbed them inside to have a chill out before we all sat down to heat my yummy lasagne.

The usual bath followed, amid some rather stormy weather, and then we headed up to do bedtime nice and early. Once again, they both fell straight to sleep and so the other half played computer games whilst I sat and wrote up until this point in the post!

Then it was Monday – the final day of the weekend!

We had planned to have the other half’s family round and they were heading to us for around 11am. The plan was to head up to the park so the kids could have lots of fun whilst not screaming the house down. It was all very weather dependent though as the forecast had predicted rain. Thankfully the weather did us proud and it was absolutely glorious. We all headed up to the park, six adults and five children (one of whom was asleep!) and had such a fun day. We started out with lunch at the cafe, where we sat outside in the glorious weather. And just as we finished eating, Oscar woke up from his nap, we had some ice cream and then we all headed for an explore. First stop was the animals, then the ducks, then the maze, followed by a stop on the big field where we played frisbee and football, oh and a lot of chasing each other around.

The kids were utterly worn out by the end of it and after the grandparents had popped for a quiet cup of tea, we went to find them, had a final play and then we all headed our separate ways.

Once we got home, it was time for dinner, which was bbq chicken fajitas, followed by a quick shower for the boys and into bed they went. Oscar did a really good job at pretending not to be tired, although I think it may have been the rumbling of thunder that may have been putting him off of going to sleep! And I just finishing writing this post whilst watching the first final BGT show before bed happens for us and the proper start of half term come along in the morning!

It was such a fabulous bank holiday weekend and the boys sure had loads of fun.


  1. May 30, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Mmmm… lasagne!!! What a great end to a fab day.

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