Our weekend happy – Me and Zach time, first shoes and a family birthday

The weekend was quite a simple one this time round. It’s amazing that even when you don’t have loads of stuff planned, they still zoom by!

Saturday started out a bit lazy. The other half had a lay in whilst I got up with the boys and by the time we had all gotten ready, it was time for Oscar to have a nap. Naps are extremely important right now and so we put him in his pram and walked across to the shops to grab some bits for lunch and dinner. He fell asleep almost immediately and stayed that way for a good two hours. This enabled us to have lunch and for Zach and I to spend about an hour playing several different games of his choosing – something we don’t often get to do!

We had initially planned for us all to go up to the nearby shopping centre as it was our niece’s birthday and we needed to get her a present. Because Oscar slept for so long and needed to eat, I said, “shall I just go on my own”. It was decided that yes, it was probably easier to do that and then Zach piped up and said he wanted to come with me. So he did.

I had been looking forward to a bit of alone time, something I rarely get to have, but actually, it was really lovely to have him with me. As much as my alone time never happens, we also hardly ever have us time. Usually Oscar is there too and so it was pretty nice to be just us – like it used to be. And he was a little star too, helping me pick stuff out!

We picked an outfit for our niece and a first little pair of shoes for Oscar, now he is having a good go at walking. They are not proper shoes, just a little pair of soft pram shoes, but there was no point in spending loads of money on proper ones because he doesn’t quite need them yet. Also, I know how fast their feet grow and so we shall save the expensive ones until he is confident on his feet!


Once we were home, it was time for dinner, bath and bed!

On Sunday, I got the lay in (whoop) and again, by the time we were all ready, it was time to head over to the other half’s brother’s place to see our niece for her birthday. They have three children and Zach always loves playing with his cousins. And now Oscar does too, as he was getting well involved in it all.


We had a bite to eat, a slab of birthday cake and a few cuppas, and then we had to leave because Oscar had woken up when we got there after only 20 odd minutes of being asleep, and with full knowledge that he would fall asleep on the way home, we didn’t want it to be too late because then he wouldn’t have gone to bed easily that night! Zach wasn’t very happy that we had to go but they had all had a few hours together and in all honesty, that’s about enough before they all start arguing over stuff!


Once we were home, it was once again time for dinner and bed for the boys! And another weekend over!

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