Our weekend happy – pond dipping, fun in the park and a Father’s Day meal!

Before I start with this week’s happy post, I am going to disclose something pretty important. The photos do not tell the whole story. Anything from Saturday is pretty factual to what happened. But anything from Sunday –  well, whilst I did manage to get a fair few happy snaps, in reality, they were few and far between on what was a pretty crappy day. For some reason Zach didn’t want to partake in any fun. He wanted to go against absolutely everything that we did and his attitude was stinking. He made the whole day pretty miserable, although there was a slight turnaround towards the end…sort of! And Oscar was still feeling poorly and had a fair few tantrums just to make it extra fun!

But. This post is about the happy moments and because there were a few, I will make sure that I focus on those. I always like to be honest in my posts though, so whilst I won’t focus on the unhappy moments, I will make sure you know that not everything is perfect happiness, because most of you probably had similar days to us!

So, Saturday. Well, it was lush! We knew we needed to keep it pretty simple because Oscar was still poorly and we didn’t want to exert him too much. The other half gave me a much needed lay in and I woke up and headed downstairs at about 9am. We all got ready and Oscar was well and truly ready for his nap – however, as with every day at the moment, he did not want to go in his buggy. And so he ended up walking and being picked up for a fair way to and around the country park.

We had promised Zach that we would do some pond dipping with the new net that Daddy had bought for him last weekend, but because we knew Oscar needed to nap (and we hadn’t brought his net because we thought he would be asleep instantly), we kept delaying it. In the end, when Oscar was falling over through tiredness, we laid him in his buggy, I rocked him back and forth whilst stroking his cheek and shusshing him, and he was asleep in minutes. So we kept heading round the lake to the area that we knew would be good for some dipping, and the other half and Zach found some things that Zach thought was super cool, including water snails and a water boatman. They even found a leech and some larvae on the back of a lily pad.

They kept popping into the dipping spots as we were walking round, and every time Zach took it very seriously – although it was hard persuading him to not just pull up leaves and twigs! And once we got to the very last section where we could get to the water, they popped in and put their findings back in the water and we headed out of the park and home again.

I wasn’t sure how long Oscar would sleep for because of his cough, but we made some lunch and headed upstairs and chilled out in front of the TV for a while. It turned out that Oscar was in for a mammoth nap and after he had been asleep for two and a half hours (and it was nearly 3pm!), I went downstairs and he woke up in a very happy mood for the first time in a week!

We headed straight out into the garden and they had some fun time on the trampoline and slide whilst the other half cleaned the rabbit out. He then headed to the shops with Zach as we needed some potatoes to go with our roast chicken, and Oscar and I sat indoors and read a few books whilst we were alone.

Once they were home, they had a bit of play time indoors and then dinner was ready which was followed by bath and bed. I then did a bit of work in the evening but as I was still so tired, it was an early night (and a bad one unfortunately!).

And then Sunday – Father’s Day. The lay in day for Daddy, even though in reality it was me that desperately needed it.

I woke up with an awful tired headache because I had been awake almost every hour with a coughing Oscar. The boys and I got up and headed downstairs where Zach sat and wrote the other half’s Father’s Day card, they had some breakfast and then I got a text from upstairs to say that he wasn’t asleep so we could take him the breakfast in bed that Zach had promised him. The breakfast consisted of marmalade and jam on toast, but we made it a bit more special with his tray, card, present and decorative item (which he bought for me years ago!).

He sat and opened his pressie, which was a photobook full of loads of gorgeous pictures of him and the boys, and his cute card which I had bought from a lady I discovered on Facebook who makes handmade ones. He finished his brekkie and we all trundled downstairs and got ready for the day.

We had planned to go up to the other park and spend a few hours there, before heading to the pub across the road from us, where the boys could spend an hour on the bouncy castle before we went for our booked table at 4.30pm.

In the park, we wandered round the animals, ate our lunch (which we had bought from the bakers), attempted to play a bit of footie and frisbee with Zach whilst Oscar slept – but as I mentioned, he wasn’t interested; and we had a wander round whilst Oscar stayed asleep. He didn’t have his usual long nap but when he woke up he was happy and wanted to join in the minimal amount of fun that we were having. At this point, things did pick up a bit. We managed a bit more footie and frisbee, the boys started playing with another child who had a rocket launcher (although we had to drag them away so Oscar didn’t break it), and we popped back into the animals again.

And then we decided to head to the pub. Only the bouncy castle wasn’t up because the weather wasn’t nice enough and I had a big row with Zach who wanted to stay there with nothing to do!

In the end, I managed to persuade him to go home for an hour to have some fun in the garden before we headed back over there for our meal. He was still in a bad mood though, and Oscar had a meltdown because he didn’t want his nappy changed and ended up having to go on the boob just before we went out.

Had we have not had to pay a deposit for the table, we probably at that point would have cancelled. But we trundled down there thinking that it was going to be another hour and a half of hell with miserable children, but for some reason they wanted to prove us wrong, behaved impeccably, and we had a really lovely meal with them! We both had burgers and they had pizza, and then we had chocolate brownie and they had ice cream. They even found another child to have a little play with whilst we waited for, and paid the bill.

We then headed home and Oscar was a bit of a pickle wanting to walk and not hold hands as always. And then as soon as we got in, it was bath time and bed time…phew!

Once again, I was absolutely exhausted and couldn’t even be bothered to turn my laptop on, so I did a bit of stuff on my phone and then at 9.15, Oscar woke up and after I settled him back down, I went downstairs, brushed my teeth and went to bed.

Of course, he did his usual thing where he waits until I am comfy and dozing off before waking up, and so because I just wanted to go to sleep, I went in, fed him, he pretended to be asleep a couple of times before he finally dozed off properly, and I went to sleep next to him!

And that was our weekend. A real mixture of some really fun moments and some really blimmin miserable ones! I think a lot of it is to do with Oscar being poorly and getting a bit more attention, and us not doing anything majorly exciting because of it. Hopefully by next weekend, Oscar will be back to full health and we can maybe organise something a bit more fun for them both!


  1. June 20, 2018 / 10:24 pm

    I thought I’d read this on the train this morning and left a comment – must have dreamt it! I hope Oscar gets better very soon we have a poorly G too 🙁

  2. June 20, 2018 / 10:58 pm

    It sounds very eventful! Totally puts my weekend to shame. It’s really hard when the children go through these developmental leaps and growth spurts it can just send their behaviour off on one. Just remember – everything is just a phase! That’s what I keep having to tell myself anyway when I’m ready to just jump in the car and drive away lol

  3. June 22, 2018 / 8:53 am

    So cool that they managed to find pond creatures, my kids would be super excited by that! Ahh fathers day never goes to plan does it? I was telling my partner after our youngest had a massive public tantrum on Father’s Day that if he remembers rightly I don’t think I’ve had a Mother’s Day that hasn’t ended in tears yet Haha xx

  4. June 22, 2018 / 9:35 am

    Oh wow . It looks like you had a lovely father’s day together 🙂

  5. June 25, 2018 / 11:38 am

    I used to love pond dipping when I was little – I must take my three! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

  6. June 26, 2018 / 9:05 am

    Sounds like the perfect weekend! Shame you had some crappy bits but glad you managed to make it a nice weekend none the less x

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