Our weekend happy – Prosecco, cocktails and a gorgeous country walk!

This weekend was one I had been waiting for for about three weeks! I have been desperate for a bit of me time and a few weeks ago I made plans with my sister to meet up for a day out, just us. And those plans were set for this Saturday!

We had planned to meet up in Stratford, a nice easy train journey from both of our houses. The other half was looking after the boys and we had decided that he would head out before I got ready, to try and make the separation of me and Zach easier on him (he totally goes crazy when I go out alone!). We had spent the morning watching the start of the royal wedding because Zach and I were pretty excited about it all. And then once they were all ready, they headed on out to the nearby park where they were planning on spending a few hours. Zach had a meltdown when he left and the other half had to drag him up the road shouting ‘mummy’, but I knew that he would be fine within minutes, and he was. Oscar didn’t seem to care – which is always surprising!

Once they were gone, I jumped in the shower and got myself ready whilst watching all the A-listers arrive at the wedding! And then I headed out and caught my train to Stratford. My sister had text to say she was running slightly late, so I headed to Westfield and managed to find the Sky selling team in the middle who had the wedding showing on their TV! Unfortunately they seemed to be having satellite problems but other than a few times of the picture disappearing, I managed to watch the bride arriving and walking up the aisle, and then my Sister joined me and we saw the very beginning of the ceremony before we headed onwards to our destination.

We went to Roof East. It’s the most awesome place on the top of a car park. It has a couple of bars, a bbq food shack, and even has mini golf, bowling and outdoor cinema if you fancy it! It’s also beautifully decorated with a circus theme this year – lots of bright bunting and perfect insta worthy photo opps!

We headed straight for the bar and went straight onto the prosecco.

We drunk one bottle and then had the most delicious burger and chips from the BBQ shack.

And then we had another bottle afterwards before moving onto a couple of cocktails each.

Considering I barely drink, and have done so probably a handful of times over the last two years, I did pretty well! We basically spent the whole time talking, laughing and smiling. It was just wonderful and just what we both needed. I decided that I needed to get the 18.30 train so at about 6pm, we popped to the loo, had a quick walk round to take it all in, and then walked over to the train station, and to my platform where she waved me off! On the way home I spoke to the other half who was getting the boys upstairs and ready for bed and my arrival, and then I spoke to my sister again because we had got cut off by my train doors closing on us!

When I got home, the boys were super pleased to see me but it was bedtime so off they went to sleep. Well, so I thought – but Zach struggled and I ended up spending ages getting him to sleep! Once he was snoozing soundly, I headed downstairs and put some chicken nuggets and waffles in the oven and demolished it. The rest of the evening was spent sitting on the sofa watching BGT and chatting to the other half. The drink had kind of kicked in by this point so I wasn’t up for doing anything else!

Sunday morning came round way too fast and I hadn’t exactly slept well so I was pretty knackered from the get go. The other half kept winding me up that I had a hangover, but other than feeling really sleepy, I felt absolutely fine!

We had a really relaxed morning watching some of the royal wedding bits that we hadn’t seen, and just sitting around with the boys playing dens!

Then we decided we should probably get ready so that we could take Oscar out for his nap, so did just that.

We went for a gorgeous walk over the country park and the other half had suggested that they take a net in case they saw anything to scoop up. We walked around the lake and every now and then, the pair of them ducked into the bits by the water to see what they could find. Lots of little bugs, some tadpoles and some water snails were spotted 🙂

Oscar took ages to fall asleep but eventually managed to doze off after seeing a mummy and daddy goose with their 9 goslings!

We finished our walk and headed home, and the other half then popped over to the shops to grab some bits for lunch.

Oscar woke up just as we were all about to eat, but he was happy so it was ok! After we had all had something to eat, we all jumped in the car and headed to the free zoo Pets At Home as we needed to pick up a bunch of stuff for the rabbit. Oscar loved it because he loves animals and there were plenty of dogs with their owners and of course, all of the small animals and fish that are for sale.

After they had some fun with the squeaky dog toys, we paid and drove back home again where we cooked a lovely chicken salad, played for a while in the garden, cleaned the rabbit out and ate said chicken salad! Then it was time for a bath for the boys, and soon after we headed up to their room for bed. Once they were asleep, I wrote this post and watched Jurassic World which I spotted on ITV2, the other half played computer games and I had to tend to a waking Oscar a couple of times!

Overall it was a fab weekend 🙂

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  1. May 27, 2018 / 8:22 am

    Oh what a lovely weekend – the Royal wedding was so special wasn’t it and the beautiful weather definitely helped! Roof East looks so cool, I would love to visit just to get a picture by that balloon wall!!! #weekendhappy

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