Our weekend happy – swimming, a BBQ with friends and a sleepover at Nannie’s!

Saturday morning started with the usual trip to the swimming pool for Zach’s lesson, followed by the usual trip to the park afterwards. It was a very quick stop at the park because we needed to pop into Tesco and only had until 10am on the car permit. Zach has made a friend at swimming called Jacob and they played for ten minutes whilst me and his Mum had a good natter, and then we all left at the same time to avoid any upset! We popped into Tesco, grabbed the coal and wine we needed for the BBQ, and headed on home.

Once we were home we needed to do a bit of a clean round the house so we let the boys on the tablet and iPad so that we could get on, and then the other half took Oscar out for his nap whilst I mopped the floor. Once he was home, it wasn’t long until the first of our friend’s arrived and the other half was already out starting the BBQ up.

Oscar woke up and then our friend’s daughter and partner arrived from their car outside where she had been napping! And then shortly after, our other friend arrived with her daughter after an hour and a half bike ride to get to us!

We all had a lovely afternoon with a lot of yummy food and a good bit of chatter, and a while later our other friends and their daughter joined us and we pleasantly watched our children play beautifully together.

They started heading home at around 6pm, with the last set leaving just before the boys were due to go to bed. So it was straight into the bathroom for teeth brushing and up the stairs for them! By the time they were asleep and we were downstairs, we were absolutely exhausted! So I drank tea and ate cake!

On Sunday, we had plans for Zach to go and stay at my Mum’s for a couple of days. I was due to be taking him over there for lunch and so I spent the morning getting ready and packing his stuff. The other half took Oscar out for his nap and we hung around to make sure he slept before I disappeared off anywhere – and he didn’t. 45 minutes later they came back home. I had to give him some boob and then I took him out again and after a good twenty minutes of rocking him at the end of the road, along with a bit of Mr Tumble – he finally went to sleep. I took him back home, the other half swapped and took him to the shops, and I finally took Zach to my Mum’s.

He was super excited about staying there and upon arriving, declared that he would be there for four days! We had some lunch and I had a cup of tea and then I got ready to leave – I needed to pop into M&S on the way home and I had got a text to say that Oscar had woken up a bit grizzly. So I said my goodbyes and headed on home.

I may have taken a wee bit longer in M&S than I needed to, as I was having a look at their coats because I desperately need a new one and my birthday isn’t too far away! I then drove the five minutes or so back and found the other half and Oscar in the garden. He was busy playing with our neighbour – they were throwing the balls over the fence to each other which Oscar thought was hilarious, but he did stop for a moment to give me a good cuddle. He didn’t even really notice that Zach was gone and he made full use of the trampoline on his own. And made use of his other bestie, the rabbit!

After a while it was time to do dinner, and the three of us sat at the table and that’s when it was really noticeable that Zach wasn’t there. After dinner, he had another quick play in the garden before we took him up to bed. Once he was asleep I headed downstairs to do a bit of work and got updates from my Mum that Zach was just fine and fast asleep. Unfortunately the trip was cut short because he woke up on Monday morning declaring that he missed us all so much, he wanted to come home! And come home he did. Although the attitude he brought with him could have been left behind if you ask me!

It was so lovely to catch up with our friends over the weekend and weird when we just had the one child in the house. It was also the last day of us having the other half home as he headed on back to work on Monday morning – boooo to that!

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