Our weekend happy – swimming, rugby, a playdate and more swimming!

There was a whole lot of activity that happened this weekend. In fact, I am writing this on Sunday night and I am absolutely blooming exhausted.

As always, Saturday morning’s first stop was Zach’s swimming lesson. Only this time it was a little different as we also had Oscar’s first Rugbytots session. The swimming was at 8.30 and Rugby at 8.50, so we all headed in to watch Zach, who was once again awesome in the water, and then at about 8.45, I took Oscar down to the sports hall where his session was.

It’s not our first experience of Rugbytots. Zach went for a fair while when he was little but he left when Oscar was a small baby. Nothing has changed, the coach is still the same coach, although he has extra staff now, and the lessons were just as I remembered. Which was great for Oscar because I knew exactly what he needed to do and so was able to help him from the very start.

He was fully into it right away – kicking the balls, running around and interacting with the coaches and other children.

Zach and his Daddy joined us just after it had started and we all got to watch him running around and having the time of his life 🙂

Whilst we had been watching Oscar, one of Zach’s friends from his swimming class had popped in with his Mum to see how Oscar got on and before I knew it, Zach had pretty much arranged a same day play-date at their house! We popped to the park with them after the lesson and then exchanged numbers before heading our separate ways so we could have breakfast.

When we got home, Zach was badgering me constantly about when we would be going. I could see that Oscar needed a nap and so I decided to just take Zach, and the other half popped out for a walk with Oscar who pretty much fell asleep instantly. I finally got a text to say that we were good to go (it was still only 11.25 at this point!), so we jumped in the car and drove the very short drive to their house. And from then on in, basically Zach and his friend Jacob (and his little brother), played, and played, and played. Whilst I mostly sat drinking tea and chatting to their Mum and Dad. Honestly it was bliss!

We were there for about 3 hours and I literally had to drag Zach out, but we finally got home and the other half and Oscar had been busy having a ball. It was actually really nice that they got to spend some quality time together alone because it doesn’t happen very often.

Since it was pretty late, the other half quickly cleaned the rabbit out with his assistant, the boys played, and then I started on the lasagne.

I was in the kitchen cooking and listening to my music and I suddenly had this urge to do some exercise. And so when the other half came in, I asked him if he minded if I snuck out for run whilst the Lasagne was in the oven. He didn’t and so once I had popped it in, I quickly went upstairs to get changed and then silently left the house. I knew if the boys knew I was disappearing, they would cause all sorts of issues and I wouldn’t end up having time to go.

I walked over to the nearby Country Park and then ran around the lake. Of course, it wasn’t continuous running, but just being out exercising made me feel amazing.

I got home just before the Lasagne was ready to be dished and so we sat and ate – the boys gobbling theirs up as always 🙂

And then it was time for them to go to bed and I watched X Factor. No blogging happened. Nothing work wise happened. I was far too tired. Although I did order a bunch of birthday presents for the boys and my nephew!


On Sunday, we were up at 6.30. I mean really!

We had already planned to go swimming as Zach wanted to have a fun swim and Oscar hadn’t been for few weeks. We had a bit of a lazy couple of hours and then got sorted and headed back up to the pool. We spent just under an hour in there before Oscar was too cold and we had to get out. I managed to get a bit of swimming time myself so another bit of added exercise which made me extra happy.

Once we were out, the boys had ten minutes in the park before we headed to the car and then drove to get petrol. Sadly, Oscar fell asleep just as we were leaving the petrol station and I didn’t fancy risking taking him out and getting him into his buggy. So when we got home, Zach and the other half went inside and I sat in the car with sleeping beauty! The other half brought me out a magazine and my lunch!

Oscar woke up properly after about an hour and a quarter (he had woken previously but managed to nod off back to sleep again), and so we went inside the house. He ate some lunch and then we basically had an afternoon of chilled out play time.

Zach was a bit of a pickle for most of the afternoon but they managed to have a play in the garden with me whilst the other half cleaned the fish tank, and then once we had eaten a tasty roast, another set of playtime whilst I dealt with hanging washing up and ironing Zach’s school trousers.

And then finally it was their bed time. We went upstairs, got them all ready, read a story and then did some puppet shadows on the wall. And then they went to sleep. And I sat writing this post whilst watching Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and the other half played computer games.

It really felt like a super active and super busy weekend. Which considering when we entered it, we only had the Saturday morning swimming and rugby planned, is pretty good!

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